Ending’s Beginning

Why hello thar!

It took a little while to tweak everything in such a way with which I was satisfied, but I have to admit, I’m going to enjoy this.

I’ve been a regular in the blogging recesses of the intarwubs since my senior year of high school (yes, during the Precambrian era). LiveJournal, a fabled knock-off called Writer’s Rock, and WordPress have all seen the likes of my writing on a systematic basis for the last six years. I guess you could say that writing is a guilty pleasure of mine.

Kind of like pointer arithmetic. :-X

This blog will (ideally!) pertain to the quotidian goings-on related to my life here at Georgia Tech. With only 168 days remaining until I occupy the same stage as Dr Clough (maybe I’ll ask for his autograph), I not only have to attend to the typical activities and obligations of the average college student, but I’m also staring Real Life down the barrel.

Hence my decision to pursue graduate school. Gotta hold Real Life at bay for as long as possible!

My schedule this semester is strenuous, and though this is the norm at an institution as deserving of its renowned reputation as Georgia Tech, I will still be a bit overwhelmed from time to time, and consequently my blogging may be sporadic. My goal is a couple posts a week, at least. I suspect the overall quantity will average out to something around a handful.

Without further adieu, I shall end this vaudeville and point you to the About Me page for a general background on the author, Factoids for some more specific points, and encourage you to keep checking back for updates. 🙂



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Oh hai!
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