When the going gets tough…

When I say I’ve learned a lot during my tenure as an undergraduate at Georgia Tech, that knowledge isn’t confined to computer science. True, I learned more about CS in my freshman year than I had in the previous 18 of my entire life. Nevertheless, my experience here has been a full, well-rounded transformation.

One of the tougher lessons I have to learn is how to accept grades that are less than stellar, and how to move on from there. Even though I have never been one to possess an ego requiring its own living quarters, it is still bruising to put one’s heart and soul into a project or exam, only to come away with far less than that in the grade books.

By accepting me into their student body, Georgia Tech acknowledged that they believe I can not only withstand the rigors of its curriculum, but thrive in them. By reaching the point where I am 163 days shy of receiving my undergraduate degree, I have confirmed that belief, not only for Georgia Tech, but for myself.

I know I can accomplish anything set in front of me. Even when I have a load of fun with building a webserver in C from scratch and getting a 63 on it (yeah, I made a lot of mistakes), I won’t always get the payoff I hope for. Nevertheless, I know I can implement the necessary fixes and the required additional functionality for the second phase in a couple more weeks.

It’s all confidence. Not bloated, egotistical, superficial arrogance, but assuredness that I will perform how I know I can, that I can meet the standards Georgia Tech has placed in front of me.

I can. And I will.

Though it does help immensely to hear encouraging words from my girlfriend. 😉


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2 Responses to When the going gets tough…

  1. eksith says:

    When I got a lousy grade for writing a basic server in C, I got mad, went home, and did it in C++ instead 😉

    And you know what? It turned out to be a better app in the end anyway. Of course I couldn’t submit it for a grade, but that didn’t matter. I had it for myself.

    A lot of times, it takes a personal blow to pick yourself up and do better. If only to prove to yourself that you can.

  2. magsol says:

    What I wouldn’t give for classes and operator overloading. 😛

    I can’t say that the number of school projects I’ve had that really inspire and motivate me to create something truly amazing have been all that numerous. This project is definitely one of them. Even once all three phases have been complete, I’m still going to want to work with it and see what I can churn out. Perhaps even experiment with the various protocol implementations of different languages and see what gives me the best performance.

    It really comes down to a choice. Do I want to roll over and call it quits because my performance was less than I know it could be, or do I pick myself up and try again? It’s an easy decision to make; it’s a lot more difficult to follow through. But it’s so worth it, for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is as you said, to prove to oneself that it can indeed be done.

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