Perpetually shifting façade

In my five short years as a Georgia Tech undergraduate, I’ve witnessed quite a few physical (and interior!) changes to the institution, and with very few exceptions I’ve been extremely pleased with the results.

Today’s case in point: The Library.

My choice of an on-campus location to set up camp and get some serious work accomplished has always been the second floor of Barnes & Noble in Tech Square. It’s vibrant, it’s invigorating, there’s a coffee shop one floor away, and somehow it’s also very relaxing and conducive to focused work.

I’ve avoided the Library except for when I needed to print notes because, to be perfectly blunt, it was depressing. Drab colors, faded walls, flickering yellow lights…I’m sure it’s an encouraging study environment to someone out there (as evidenced by the continued presence of students within its confines), but seriously. As if I wasn’t stressed out enough with my course load, I certainly wasn’t going to spend [seemingly] endless hours cooped up in a prison cell.

So I really haven’t explored the Library with any sort of interest for the last four years. I’ve entered very occasionally to, as I mentioned before, print something. This was how I caught wind of a renovation project in the Library. I thought it was interesting but didn’t pay much attention; after all, I had my study spot at Tech Square right outside StarShmucks and wasn’t budging.

Another caramel frappuccino and lemon pound cake, if you please.

Enter Spring ’08. I’m on a project team, slated to give a presentation on…giving presentations (no joke). We needed to meet and tie up all the loose ends. The leader suggested the Library.

Cue inward *groan*. But I agreed.

But instead of the depressing, drab and dull delirium I’m expecting, I am instead greeted with this:


Am I in Valhalla Tech Square?

Needless to say, with a Philosophy paper on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, a Combinatorics assignment, and corrections for an Advanced Operating Systems midterm all due within the next 24 hours (to say nothing of baseball practice, four classes, and a fraternity meeting to attend in between…oh and some sleep would be nice), I have taken up residence in this lovely abode, light years closer to my own living quarters and, furthermore, flush with chocolate-flavored caffeine!

And MUFFINS! For srs!


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3 Responses to Perpetually shifting façade

  1. eksith says:

    Everything suddenly went dark.

    A glimer shon at a distance.
    As I walked toward the tunnel of light, I found myself gliding across the floor through the passage way. I was enveloped by a warm, bright, and ever increasing glow. It was the brightest light I had ever seen.
    I was greeted with a soothing voice compelling me to enter.
    Then the walkway widened to… Oh wait… This is just the library.

  2. magsol says:

    I almost starting counting doors, looking for that magical 540th. 😛

    But hey, if I’m slain in battle, I’ll know what to expect.

  3. Ameet Doshi says:

    Nice post about the Library. The renovations have been expensive, but very popular. We hope to continue this trend over the coming years. If you have more feedback about what we should do to better serve the students, feel free to drop me a line (I’ll even buy you a chocolate-flavored caffeinated beverage for your trouble!) – Ameet Doshi, GT Library (

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