I’m too sexy for IP

A website documenting exchanges like these is a perpetual source of amusement to any computer-savvy individual.

Customer: “This is a Mac. It doesn’t need an IP address.”

In other news, following the balmy 70-degree day yesterday and subsequent severe storms that knocked out most of the electricity and all of the internet and cable at my North Avenue abode, I am now comfortably situated at my parents’ house near Decatur, sequestered in the warm house from the 35-degree chill that awaits outside.

Before anyone asks, yes, I came home specifically because I could not watch the StarGate: Atlantis season 4 finale at Georgia Tech. It was AMAZING. Those writers are unbelievably awesome.

My plans for this weekend are pretty straightforward. I’ll be coding like crazy on this Advanced Operating Systems project, and whenever my Dad returns from Athens, I’ll do a pitching session with him, continuing to hone my knuckleball in preparation for the next club baseball series against UGA in a few weeks.

Cathryn is spending the weekend with her mother, who arrived in New York yesterday to visit. I have flight reservations that have me departing next Thursday afternoon (no Friday classes this semester, buahaha) to see Cathryn. I haven’t seen her in six weeks. I miss her like crazy. I know it’s not as bad as some – even last summer when I was studying in Barcelona, that was 12 weeks apart – the heartstrings pull a little tighter all the time.

I am going to tackle her at the airport. 🙂

Oh. And. I HEARD BACK FROM FACEBOOK!!!111oneoneshift+eleven

Coding time. kbai


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2 Responses to I’m too sexy for IP

  1. eksith says:

    Welcome to my world!

    If ever you are offered a job in tech support or as an admin who deals directly with co-workers, avoid like the plague. In fact, like the plague, you’re likely to shorten your lifespan by a few decades.

    The other day, I came across a system at work that had the password set to “password”. The excuse?

    “I only use this system for email. It’s not like It’s connected to the Internet.”

    I was biting my nails about the rain as well, because if we lose power for more than a few hours(until the backup power dies), I’ll be ducking for cover from another type of storm.

    When we asked the owner for a backup generator…

    “How long do the batteries last? It’s like every other year we have to upgrade some kind of machine!”

    Goes to show, sometimes “customers” are the least of your worries.

  2. magsol says:

    Haha, I was a cooperative work student for the last few years (part of the reason it’s taken me 5-1/2 years to gradumacate), and within the small department I worked for, I was everything IT: support, development, even random errands. The people were AWESOME, and rarely did I run into scenarios as described on the website.

    Rarely. They did happen. And they weren’t nearly as humorous as the website makes them out to be. 😛

    Regardless, I have no plans to re-enter the IT world. None. See the link.

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