It’s snowing…again

I have lived in Atlanta for the last 19 years. I have grown accustomed to its climate, its precipitation tantrums, even its stifling humidity (ever inhaled water before?). But I can honestly say I have never labeled the absence of snow as “weird.”

Until I spent nine days in Ohio.

Not only did I arrive (on my 23rd birthday!) a full week after a huge blizzard (two feet of snow still blanketed the state), but it snowed no fewer than three times over the course of my spring break. The snow never completely melted.

Leaving 30 degrees and perpetual snow for 50 degrees and blooming flowers was…weird.

To say nothing of being away from Cathryn again.

Though I did accidentally swipe her earbuds. And since justice is all about balance, I inadvertently left my sunglasses with her. We’ll have a gift exchange the next time we see each other. 😛

I have news on the job front, and regarding the Google summer of code, and enjoyable warm and fuzzy things like tornadoes and red shells and O(log n), so stay tuned.



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2 Responses to It’s snowing…again

  1. Dan Sibbernsen says:

    google summer of code?!??! dude, that would be HAWT. with a capital HAWT!

    yes, plz keep us posted 🙂

  2. magsol says:

    You bet! I’ll post more details about it. 🙂

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