I believe “exhausted” is an appropriate adjective

When in college, there are certainly the classes, the extracurricular activities, the administrative paperwork, and the social life to contend with in terms of prioritization. But there exists another, more insidious task that is readily discarded, and yet is often the first to bite one in the rear:


This semester has been brutal. I regret absolutely nothing; truthfully, I’ve had the time of my life. I’ve designed websites, cracked Windows machines (in a controlled environment!), built multithreaded and distributed web servers, been accepted to Carnegie Mellon for graduate school, strummed Green Grass and High Tides on Expert (FINALLY), pitched in Statesboro against GA Southern and in Florida against UF, joined Joomla!’s development team for the summer by way of the Google Summer of Code, and have managed to spend ample time with my family, my friends, and my fabulous girlfriend.

Problem: I am drained. And there are still two more projects (final exams aside) that need to be completed in the next two days.

I’ve crossed off some major items already: my Modern Philosophy term paper on human selfishness (got a 90, w00t!  Cathryn’s editing help was invaluable 😉 ), my Adv Operating Systems distributed proxy server, my Technical Writing survival website, six applications to the Google Summer of Code (one of which was accepted by Joomla!), and two different interviews for summer TA positions (CS 1316 and 2110), all in the last few weeks. Furthermore, I discovered where I’ll be living over the summer – somehow my housing application got jammed up in the works, but a visit to the Housing office got things moving again. I’ll be in Center Street South Apartments, room 204D, in case any of my new suitemates are reading. 😛

Nevertheless, it is becoming exceedingly difficult to peel myself out of bed each morning. I cannot decide whether this is because of my spike in coffee intake (and possible subsequent dependence), my sharp decrease in intensity of regular exercise, my consistent average of about six hours of sleep each night, or my rather insane daily schedule of classes, baseball, and projects.

Or E: Some dirty combination of everything.

While this is an optimal chance to insert the tired, overused, and entirely too obvious cliché regarding balance, I will forgo this opportunity and instead harp on the fact that I am extremely hungry. Does anyone have any food they’d like to share? Maybe something with chicken? Or steak? I could even go for sushi. Sure, I’ll take PB&J as well. Anyone?

Fine, since nobody wants to share any food with me, I’ll just live vicariously through this lolcat. …or lolhamster, as it were.


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