It’s that time again, kids

We all know and love it. It’s on our calendars from the start of every single semester. We dream about it, anticipate it, and when it comes we’re absolutely beside ourselves with… “joy.”

Final exams woooooo.


All the coffee shops reap huge profits. The Library sees an endless stream of students filing in and out (but mostly in). Beds are left to gather dust as desks see most of the action. And meanwhile, those few of us lucky enough to finish early begin the process of moving out of their current residence to either head back home (wherever that may be) or to their new location for the summer.

This time around, I have three exams: Combinatorics on Monday morning (guh), Operating Systems on Thursday, and Philosophy on Friday. I will be living in Center Street for the summer, so come a week from tomorrow, I will move from my current North Ave apartment to west campus.

At which point I will go to my parents’ house, 30 minutes from here, and sleep for a week.

Good luck to everyone with exams!


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