Confounded curveballs


Just for grins (ok, that’s kind of lie; I had a demo with my operating systems TA today), I set up my distributed proxy server and browsed to this blog.  The function of this proxy server was to forward my request (in this case, to the correct webserver (as in,, and if there were any JPGs in the response, the proxy was to forward these JPGs to distributed entities that would take the JPG, compress it, and return it to the proxy (all by way of RPC), and the proxy would forward the compressed image back to me, the client.

It worked like a charm.  My header image, all my lolcats, they were delightfully pixelated in states of compressed happiness.



The TA was cool about it, though.  It worked as it should have under a few cases, and so I would receive quite a few points for that.  Currently, however, I am fighting my inborn urge to descend upon my project like a programming bat out of the proverbial underworld and fix the bugs in it.  I have exams I must devote my energies to first.

Speaking of finals, they are progressing.  Combinatorics went as smoothly as it could have on Monday, and Operating Systems is tomorrow at 8am (I am currently in the library reading about transactional memory) followed by Philosophy at 11:30am on Friday.

Then my focus shifts exclusively to being a Joomla! developer in tandem with the Google Summer of Code!  Woooooooohoooooooooooooooo 😀

I am so crossing my fingers for a CS 2110 TA position over the summer.  That would be AWESOME.

And it’d be even more awesome if the busy and demanding Cleveland Jewish News journalist’s schedule allowed for my fabulous and beautiful girlfriend to visit over the summer and sit in on a recitation or two. 😉

I know this is old, but…oooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUCHBURN!!!!


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