vacation != relaxation

This week of vacation apparently didn’t get the memo.

Actually, I rescind that statement. My sleep schedule is hitting a rhythm again; I’m feeling more spry and productive and clear-headed than I have since exams ended. The only caveat in this veritable nirvana is the fact that I am still rushing from place to place, task to task. With the exception of Monday – which I spent at home, lounging – my life has been as busy as it was during the school semester.

This tendency has followed me around for most of my life. From the age of five, I played baseball three out of the four seasons every year all the way through middle school. Once high school started, I swapped out baseball for football three seasons a year, with the fourth season still consisting of my favorite sport. If I wasn’t studying, I was playing sports. Or leading retreats. Or orienting new students. Or out with friends.

College hit and the tendency didn’t change. I became an undergraduate TA, joined a fraternity, played on the club baseball team (and played flag football), participated in an elementary school tutoring program, pursued undergraduate research, and am now eagerly anticipating my first Google Summer of Code with the phenomenal Joomla! community.

This is partly an apology to my fabulous Joomla! mentor, Amy: I haven’t had an opportunity to delve as deeply into my summer task up until this point as I would have liked. That is, however, set for Friday and the rest of this weekend, so expect blog postings in that regard at that point.

My schedule has been pretty whack. As an on-campus resident living in campus housing for both the spring and the summer, I had to relocate to a new apartment, as my North Avenue abode was closing for the summer. That move across campus took all of my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (I swear my belongings multiply).

Monday – as I mentioned – I was dead. 😛

Tuesday (after reanimating…now that was a trip) I spent working on a small WordPress project I’ve had in the works for about a year now, but unfortunately lost due to a hard drive crash late last year. It is essentially a blog synchronizer; it uses the built-in XMLRPC functionality to sync up two different WordPress blogs. The first iteration was pretty shoddy; it worked, but it was a hack job. The crash gave me an excuse to rebuild it from the ground up, and now it’s a glorious AJAX-powered RPC application. Right now there’s only one person who uses it… 😉

Yesterday and today I spent at my old co-op occupation. They needed help with the project I’d been working on when I departed – communication between their Flash online tutorials with their Access/ASP database. Turns out, even the Adobe CS3 documentation was incorrect. It took detailed user comments to figure out what the real problem was (hint: data duplication is highly regarded as BLATANTLY BAD DESIGN).

But! They are now in possession of a seamless Flash/ASP/Access integration as well as four additional pages of step-by-step documentation for extending the functionality further. I got to work with the fabulous people I’ve enjoyed working with for the last two years, and my wonderful supervisor gave me THREE BOXES OF SAMOAS!


Even though the new academic semester begins this coming Monday…I cannot even BEGIN to delineate how PSYCHED I am that I have *zero* Tuesday/Thursday classes!



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