It’s so…quiet.

Admittedly, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Georgia Tech is one university that really never sleeps; as if the research and professional aspects of the academic balrog never ceased their tireless toils, students themselves, undergraduates and graduates alike, perpetually populate the campus. Whether it’s the presence of the cooperative work program or simply a generally more present desire in the student body at large to treat the summer as yet another semester in school I can’t say for sure. Nevertheless, campus is a flurry of activity.

To those veterans who have been here for awhile (working on half a decade m’self here…no wisecracks out of you, I forgot my walker today), it is still noticeably quieter on campus. It may not be obvious during the week while classes are in full swing, but particularly on the weekends the difference is virtually tangible.  For instance, many of my fellow CoC blogger compatriots have become conspicuously quiet in the last few weeks.

The general quiet is nice, in some respects. In others, it downright sucks.

The biggest drawback, I think, is how few of my friends are still in the area. Now, this is a slightly more complicated situation: I started my undergraduate career in the fall of 2003, so everyone I attended high school with finished their undergraduate careers in May 2007. Because of my cooperative pursuits, study abroads, and various other collegiate tangents, I am graduating in exactly 58 days.

Holy CARP! FIFTY EIGHT DAYS??? My. Time flies.


Therefore, part of the reason so many of my friends are no longer here is the simple fact that they no longer have any need to be (unless they’re in graduate school). Still, though, I have plenty of friends still in college, who have opted to do what most “normal” college students do and spend their summers taking a break from the rigors of academia and pursuing more extracurricular endeavors.

Like sitting in a cubicle all day.

I guess my point here is that I am having a somewhat crummy week. I just returned from Ohio after having spent a wonderful weekend with my girlfriend (check out the caricature of us from Cedar Point), and came back to an exam grade I could have done without, a malfunctioning laptop, and other miscellaneous potpourri that is collectively leaving me feeling a bit…stressed.

But, as we all know…time and tide wait for no man.

Speaking of tide, I could use a stint at the beach. But I think I can settle on waiting another 58 days instead.


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