37 days, but who’s counting?

37 days until graduation.  Whodathunkit.

Yeah, it’s been almost two weeks since my last update.  I have four blogs to keep current; while each blog is nicely niched, it’s tough to keep finding original material to blog about that simultaneously appeals to the audience. 😛

For instance: lately I’ve been struggling with the development environment on my laptop.  I needed to make use of PHP’s mcrypt library, but unfortunately the stock OS X install does not count that module in its configuration.  I’ve successfully made use of MAMP, but this has created another problem – while MAMP provides the mcrypt library in its install, it does not have XMLRPC enabled (another compile-time option).  Thus I have to switch back and forth between the two Apache/PHP bundles in order to have my development environment do everything I want it to do.

Furthermore, Eclipse has been acting up.  Buckminster (whatever that thing is) keeps griping about a bad update path in the update manager.  I’ve checked on this by way of its website, and the URL that the Eclipse update manager keeps hitting is indeed incorrect; unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any way to rectify it with the correct URL.  Plus, my PHP plugin isn’t correctly displaying outlines of the code I write; the outline remains stubbornly blank when it should be showing function and class attribute names.

I love computer science.  But there sure are times when I wish it would shuddup and do as I say.

(by the way, if any gentle reader has suggestions regarding the aforementioned issues, please do not hesitate to post them)

In all my spare time (all two minutes of it every day), I have been trying to rally all fifteen of my future CMU Computational Biology classmates in finding apartments in Pittsburgh relatively close to each other.  I have garnered a few responses so far.  Having everyone in close proximity will certainly make those late nights of studying/researching a lot more bearable.

I have a meeting tonight with my GSoC advisor, so I am going to return to my previous task of getting Apache’s Shindig project to communicate with Joomla! via a component.  I’m close…but these technical hiccups keep getting in the way.


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