A storm approaches

Storms, figurative and literal.  Atlanta has been under the gun (or, more accurately, the deluge) ever since the 4th, and that seems to be continuing tonight with ominous clouds and crackling thunder visible on the horizon as the sun makes its escape.  We certainly need the rain; Lake Lanier is still 15+ feet under its normal levels.

Meanwhile, I am in the middle of midterm evaluations for the Summer of Code, in addition to preparing for a senior design presentation on Wednesday.  My mission for GSoC remains to polish up this developmental Joomla! component to allow the framework to communicate with Apache’s Shindig.  For senior design, I am charged with implementing a user permissions hierarchy for our appointment management system.

Furthermore, I depart bright and early Thursday morning for Pittsburgh, where I will spend the remainder of the weekend hunting for an abode for the next year.

Tonight may be the first time in quite awhile I celebrate that oldest and noblest of undergraduate traditions: the All-Nighter (I love how Wikipedia likens this to torture).

Me and the storms, spending the evening (and early morning) together.  How feng shui.  How positively delightful.

And on that note, I have this to say about that.


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2 Responses to A storm approaches

  1. Richard says:

    So, my office mate goes to CMU and is fairly awesome. I think they may have an extra room as well if you’re interested.

    Failing that he could probably give you some pointers on where is good to live. If you want me to put you in touch send me an e-mail.

  2. magsol says:

    That’d be awesome! I have a few contacts set up I’ll be getting in touch with when I arrive; the more, the merrier.

    Thank you sir!

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