I know I shouldn’t be laughing

But this sort of stuff always makes me lol:

Oh, and during my 5-mile evening run tonight, I directed my exercise through the main CMU campus, just to get a look around at things.  There were throngs of people scattered about, all converging on a tent in the middle of the quad.  It didn’t take long for me to discern what was going on.  My face contorted, and it wasn’t because I was tired or hurt.

Freshman orientation. *shivers*

To any freshman who might be reading this, I apologize for my abrasiveness…but in another year, you’ll understand.


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Oh hai!
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3 Responses to I know I shouldn’t be laughing

  1. halfsmile says:

    Ahh, five mile run? I r jelus. I ran three yesterday since it had been a week, and that went well. Girls’ night prevented a run this morning. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll get back up to four (well, definitely tomorrow. May be slow though) I still want to get up to five before summer’s end!!

    -The Lady (with a real username!!)

    PS Those damn freshman. I can say that cause, cause I’m a junior 😉 Old fart.

  2. magsol says:

    I think it was more “I’m so tired, I’ve lost all feeling, so what’s the difference between four and five miles?” than me actually being in shape. 😛

    Teehee, you has a username. And don’t knock too much on freshman – you’ll be one in another decade. 😉

  3. halfsmile says:

    I don’t wanna run todaaayyy… I’m thinking about walking… and I’m sure you’re already out there kicking ass…

    Mehhh… I HATE RUNNING!!

    Shuddup. I’m almost six! 😛

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