Speaking my language

Ever since moving to Pittsburgh on August 11, I have been too busy squaring away administrative errands and attending day-long orientation sessions to worry about amenities like “unpacking” and “internet.”

As such, I saw today’s rendition of XKCD and realized this has been my story of the last two weeks:

As if the picture wasn’t perfect enough, the alternate text was a whole ‘nother cake:

“We need a special holiday to honor the countless kind souls with unsecured networks named ‘linksys’.”

Speaking of which, Comcast arrives today with internet and cable in tow!  Woohoo!


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Oh hai!
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5 Responses to Speaking my language

  1. halfsmile says:

    You know, I was so looking forward to going to xkcd.com and catching up on the last couple comics.

    But no, you had to ruin the moment.

    …just kidding.


  2. magsol says:

    Sorry. Next time I’ll be sure to ask your permission first.


  3. halfsmile says:


    Skype, anyone? 😉

  4. magsol says:

    I *just* got it working with my router! Everything’s up and functional, woohoo!

    Skype indeed 😉

  5. eksith says:

    Aaah, XKCD. Isn’t it lovely to finally get what you want.

    Speaking of which, this one is my favorite. I don’t think I can afford that either, but I did find something that I could afford… And it’s 4′ wide, by Jove!

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