When water-cooling isn’t good enough

Use oil cooling!

Until now, I’d heard of computers dousing their components in non-conductive mineral oil to use as coolant.  This seems to operate along the same conceptual frequency: by constructing most of the heat-generating components from a material that doesn’t degrade when saturated in oil, the oil can permeate every single nook and cranny and act as one of the most efficient heat dispersal systems ever devised for the average desktop computer.

All the components behind the blue glowing side panel are submerged in coolant oil.  Pretty frickin’ spiffy.

The only tricky part to this setup can be swapping out components.  In this particular setup, the components are organized in a superior fashion, usually on rails so that they can be easily slid out from the top of the tower.  All the owner needs to do is hold the components steady while the oil drains.

Mmm, tasty.

Of course, since this approach to cooling isn’t very mainstream yet, the true drawback is the price tag: these systems have a baseline price of around $4,000.  Not exactly an everyday purchase.  And it only skyrockets from there as the configuration is customized (read: upgraded) further.


I have a more substantial post to make later about my journeys in Spain over summer 2007 (as per some requests from the overlords at http://www.cc.gatech.edu), but before I finish collecting all that information (three months’ worth of gallivanting across Europe doesn’t condense well into a single post), I wanted to make use of this fancy-shmancy new WordPress feature and take this opportunity to ask for feedback from my readers (whomever you may be).


The purpose of this blog, when originally created, was to provide an account of my experiences with the Georgia Tech College of Computing.  Since graduating this past August, I have expanded that purpose to include my experiences at CMU’s Mellon Institute in the MS Computational Biology program.

My question, then, is whether there is anything you’d like to see *more* of on this blog?  I’m still going to write about my own experiences in academia and everything else that entails, but is there some specific topic you’d like to see me focus more on?

Oh, and speaking of lolcats, it’s been awhile since I posted one.  I saw this one and empathized, since it’s how I’ve been trying to learn all these new Biology/Chemistry/Biochemistry concepts:


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