Fun Size

You know, I never understood the term “fun size” when it comes to candy.

How is this “fun”?  These things contain all of a single mouthful of delightful, delectable, chocolate-covered peanut paradise!  Particularly after Halloween, where you spent so much time brainstorming, building, and wearing your costume (man I really wish I could have pulled off being Ronon Dex this year…), your reward is a singular bag or tiny bar of candy that you could easily polish off between the front door of the house where you got the candy and the end of their driveway?

See, to me, truly FUN size should be something like this:

A chocolate kiss the size of a water bottle?  HELLZ YES!


(Spain pictures are coming, seriously.  Just wait until all my exams are over)


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Oh hai!
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2 Responses to Fun Size

  1. Ice Queen910 says:

    Um, I think they already have one of those.

  2. magsol says:

    Hi, you must be new. This is the internet. Welcome!

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