A little more on statistics

…minus the discussion about the Wald statistic, the likelihood ratio test, and other such topics that have thoroughly kicked my ass this semester.

No, for today’s entry, I wanted to say that, somehow, this blog reached and passed 3,000 visits sometime on Dec 3.  I have to say, I’m glad my rambling thoughts spark an interest to visit. 🙂

Though, on that note, I have an interesting screenshot to show from the site stats page:


I’m not quite sure why those two particular entries are so popular – starting with the third post down, the rest of the hits are very smoothly distributed.  I’m guessing it has something to do with the lolcats on those two posts. 😛

A little FYI: final exams start Monday, so I’ll be pretty invisible from now until at least Wednesday.  Wish me luck.


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2 Responses to A little more on statistics

  1. eksith says:


    As for those two particular posts…
    If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: LOLCATS FTW!!!

    Well, at least you weren’t as confused as I was when I checked my searched keywords 😉

  2. magsol says:

    Thank you! 🙂

    Yeah, lolcats really tend to brighten up blog posts, Dashboard widgets…and general everyday circumstances. 😛

    I have to say, I’ve raised more than a few eyebrows at some of the search terms I see popping up on my wordpress dashboard. I keep crossing my fingers that they’re crawling just hitting random search terms.

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