They will never learn

According to a very recent blog post, complete with a screenshot of a Windows 7 installation screen (from Build 7025…the Beta was Build 7000), it looks like Microsoft will once again be releasing their operating system in multiple and superfluous flavors.

It would seem that they learned from corporate America that the apparent dichotomy between “Business” and “Enterprise” was all but clearly delineated.  So they’ve revamped their flavors by removing one of the versions catering to businesses, and adding a version catering to the end-user:

The Starter edition!  Complete with a MOUSE POINTER that you can use to CLICK [blocky] ICONS and MAYBE [sic] SURF THE WEB…on IE 6!  You can experience luxurious 4-BIT INTERNAL SPEAKER SOUND that will be veritable EAR CANDY!  You’ll enjoy a beach vacation of a visual experience with Windows 7 Starter’s new (maximal) graphics setting: DOZENS OF COLORS!  And last but certainly not least is COMPATIBILITY WITH 3.5″ FLOPPIES!  EXTERNAL MEDIA FTMFW!!!111one

…ok, back to dynamic programming.  A more thorough update later, I promise.



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2 Responses to They will never learn

  1. eksith says:


    I had such a headache with Vista because of this. I literally went through each and every version to see if we could use it without problems in CyberCafes.

    The worst “feature” had to be the UAC (User Access Control) which came with Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate. Also known as “The Demon Privilage System from Hell” or “how to make Eksith pop an aneurysm”.

    Why can’t they learn anything from Ubuntu?!

  2. magsol says:

    Because Ubuntu is open source, and therefore not a concern! 😛

    Yeah, I gotta admit, it’s pretty entertaining when I click on “Disk Management” or “Event Viewer” to have my entire computer freeze for a few seconds while Vista says: “WARNING: THIS HAS BEEN CLICKED! ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN??? YOUR COMPUTER COULD POSSIBLY CHANGE ITS BEHAVIOR FOR THE BETTER!!!!”

    …ok, so maybe it didn’t include that last sentence. But it’s implied. I’ve heard rumors that the UAC is being revamped in Windows 7 so that it doesn’t pop up from user clicks.

    It’s a nice improvement, but you’re absolutely right: what’s wrong with the way Ubuntu performs the same type of authentication?

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