An ode to WTF

This story, from, has to be one of the best I’ve read in awhile.

It all boils down to a company creating an email-like system for administrators to push out notifications to clients.  A specialist was hired to oversee the development of this system.  Here’s the complete code for the page that was responsible for showing a client their unread notifications:

    <td colspan="5">
      <h2>There are no unread messages/notices in your inbox

It reminds me of the days of Angelfire websites, and grotesque blinking background .gifs; when websites had to be updated by hand and served up no dynamic content whatsoever, so the web admin was forced to manually edit “Last Edited” timestamps [him|her]self, all the while attempting to keep up some semblance of overall elegance so it might look like one of the shwanky, feng shui dynamic websites.

Though it does make me wonder about Thunderbird sometimes…

And I have to add, this commenter may very well be on to something.


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4 Responses to An ode to WTF

  1. eksith says:

    He’s right…

    Nigel managed to handle both the brainless brains and the touchy tentacles of the entire outfit with a very simple solution. Pretty hard to come across that type of pragmatism in the industry.

    I really do miss the good ol’ days though.

    I remember the most state-of-the-art scripting ever used those days document.lastModified. Wow, I was so proud of myself for finding that!

    (This was on

  2. magsol says:

    I KNOW. I first read the story and thought “what a moron”, then read that comment, thought again about it, and realized the guy was a frickin’ GENIUS. 😛

    Hahahaha, oh yes. Manual HTML editing with a pinch of JavaScript thrown in to spice things up. How I miss those days……….not.

  3. eksith says:

    Behold the power of lightening! 😛
    There were a ton of other stuff like that too, but I’m too embarrassed to post.

    I can’t remember when I wrote that. It was either 97 or 98.
    It was first hosted on Tripod then Brinkser, before I finally got my first server..

    Oh, the memories!

  4. magsol says:

    I would respond in kind by pointing you to my GT website, but it was only just a week or two ago that it was finally removed from the GT webspace, as I’ve reached the milestone of having graduated 6 months ago, wahoo!

    Still, needless to say, it was pretty ugly…but as always, at the time of its creation, I thought it was fantastic.

    Memories is right. Memories of what NOT to do. 😛

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