For 24 hours, I am a stud

My girlfriend in particular has been enjoying this (short) period of time, during which I have been readily admitting that I am a stud muffin and a badass mofo.

Why, you ask?  Well…I haven’t publicized it here very well, but wayyyy back in September, when I journeyed to New York for a network night hosted at IBM’s location and substantially subsidized by Carnegie Mellon, I happened to meet one of IBM’s top representatives who had helped organize the event, a woman named Jaclyn DeCicco.  She was kind enough to introduce me to some of her colleagues, as well as the extremeblue program, IBM’s premier internship.


It’s an extremely competitive program, inviting tens of thousands of applications every summer for the 12-week program.  It takes place at three sites – North Carolina, Texas, and California – and each site works on a different project with a team of four interns: three software engineers, and one MBA.  So out of the ~10,000 applications they get each year, they have to weed those numbers down to 12 lucky, badass students.

When Ms DeCicco introduced it to me, I figured, I’d certainly give it a try, but given the fierce competition I honestly didn’t believe I could make it through the 90-minute technical interview, nevermind one of the esteemed 12.

I had my first interview later that month, which was a simple 30-minute screening designed to weed out those who are obviously not serious contenders.  I figured I could get past this stage, sparkling personality and all. 😛

The next stage, the 90-minute technical interview preceded by IBM’s (in?)famous online aptitude test, is where I figured I would fall flat on my face.  The questions were catered specifically to where you indicated your strengths were in the application – I had explicitly stated expertise in Java, C, and C++, so as the interview approached, I grew increasingly nervous of the details of my knowledge in those languages.

Somehow, after an intense 90-minute phone interview with a very kind and energetic IBM user interface designer, I was passed on to the next level.  (cue ZOMG!)

The third and final stage was a 30-minute interview with the people who I would, if given the position, be working for over the summer.  Each of the three sites focused on somewhat different projects – the California site is the most involved in theoretical computer science; the Texas site is focused mainly on databases and file storage development; the NC location develops primarily web applications.  Given my own areas of expertise, I figured NC would be the place I’d be assigned, if I got that far.  Lo and behold, my third interview would be with some of the North Carolina folks.

It was essentially a conference call with three individuals.  I got to hear some more details of the project (a fairly recent web-based collaboration and resource sharing tool called Quickr) as well as ask questions about it.  The purpose was, mainly, to gauge my interest in the project and how well I’d fit, given my skill set.

Perhaps it was because there was no official announcement at the end of the interview (unlike the previous two) as to whether I’d be moved on to the next level, or maybe it was because I felt the most nervous during this interview than I had in any of the previous two, but after the phone call ended, I felt like I’d botched the whole thing and thrown it to the fire.

And yet, just yesterday:





So yes.  For the next 24 hours (actually, it’s already been 22 hours, so I guess only two more hours), I am a stud.  Yes I am.

After that, I still have a lot of work to get done.  And a gargantuan summer project to pwn.



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3 Responses to For 24 hours, I am a stud

  1. Cathryn says:

    24 hours? Try 24-7-365 FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!! whichcouldendatanymomentcauseyou’reold.


  2. eksith says:

    See? And you were all stressed out for nothing. 😀

    “And a gargantuan summer project to pwn”
    I hope that’s the CMS, ‘cus I’ve been itchin’ to mass-produce some layouts. 😉

    No pressure! 😛

  3. magsol says:

    @Cathryn: I’m quite sure any remote semblance of an ego I picked up over the last 72 hours will be utterly wiped out over the course the summer. If not over the next few days by way of Machine Learning and CompBio 😛


    @eksith: Technically speaking, I was referring to the Quickr project I’ll be delving into on behalf of IBM via Extremeblue, but the CMS was most definitely a goal for the summer (on weekends? 😛 ). I’m sketching down notes every few spare moments I have; hopefully I’ll have a more concrete project plan by the end of the semester and ready to follow it come the summer!


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