The Obama Address

After Obama’s address to the joint session of Congress last night, there are a few points I’d like to touch on before returning to our regularly scheduled nerdular nerdance.  I also want to note that conservatives aren’t going to like what I have to say, but in the spirit of how I operate, I am more than welcome to debate provided the argument is reasonable and intelligently supported.  You won’t get much sympathy from me with ad hominems, non sequiturs, and other fallacies arguments.

I thought President Obama gave an incredible speech last night.  He candidly laid out the problems we’re facing, but not in a way that rehashed everything we’ve been hearing the last several months.  He clearly and explicitly laid out his plans for economic recovery, citing dollar numbers and policies to be implemented.  He even looked like he enjoys being President.  I think he nailed it.  I know exactly what his goals are, how he wants to accomplish them, and can therefore do my part to keep him accountable.

The level of transparency is the biggest and most refreshing difference (out of a plethora of differences) between this administration and the previous one.  Stale rhetoric and vague blanket statements were the extent of the communication the former President Bush had with, as Obama said, the “people who put [them] here”.  Particularly when Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gave the conservative “rebuttal,” each overcooked, stale sentence he uttered was yet another painful reminder of the philosophy whose ship has sailed.

No, we’re not in a good situation right now.  Something needs to be done.  And yet, the majority of conservatives I know advocate tax cuts for everyone.  Aside from the fact that this hasn’t done a single ounce of good since Bush’s first tax cut right after he took office in 2000, we’re in a recession right now: people and businesses alike are going to take their tax cuts and sit on them.  I’m certainly no economist, but I do know that in order to expand an economy, investments are key.  And there certainly isn’t going to be any investing when money for the basic necessities is at a premium.

Yes, yes, I know: spending more money and creating more infrastructure expands the role of the federal government.  Once again putting aside the fact that the government ballooned under supposedly-conservative George W Bush, I put forth that the time for a small government is, at least temporarily, over.  The government is, simply, the only remaining entity in this country with the financial strength to make any positive impact on the overall economy.  I don’t want an intrusive, massive government, and I believe President Obama when reiterated last night that he doesn’t either.  But it has become imperative for the government to act; banks folding, Wall Street crashing, and foreclosures dominating the housing market would be the beginning of the meltdown if there was no intervention.

I know Obama isn’t going to change the minds of anyone who doesn’t want their mind changed.  My inadvertent discovery of this abomination of a website makes that abundantly clear.  That website is the quintessential manifestation of the type of mentality I cannot stand.  The very label – a “trustworthy encyclopedia” – is a joke.  In particular, read the articles on “Evolution,” “Wikipedia,” or “Examples of Bias in Wikipedia”.  It becomes very evident very quickly that someone got their feelings hurt on Wikipedia and created this website not to be impartial, but rather to thumb its nose at Wikipedia.

That is exactly the mentality that got our country where it is: complete and total inflexibility and unwillingness to consider other perspectives.  No, Obama doesn’t like gargantuan governments, and neither do I.  But the government is the only financially viable institution left in the country.  And by creating programs which encourage the development of renewable energy, incentives for companies to bring production back to the United States, and building transportation infrastructure, he’s helping to catalyze the groundwork for enduring economic growth.  Tax cuts can’t do any of that.

And if you continue to condemn Obama because his father was a Muslim, I invite you to read this rant.  It’s horribly crass, but amidst all the four-letter words is an impregnable logic.

And speaking of things that never change

If any of this offended you, please know it was not meant to.  If you disagree with any of this, that’s perfectly fine, and I invite healthy debate.  If you’re singlemindedly opposed to anything on the “liberal agenda”, then I invite you turn on Faux News and go vegetate for awhile, removing your vapid tripe from my blog.


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4 Responses to The Obama Address

  1. eksith says:

    And by Jove, he has a plan!
    Which is in no comparison to what we had before… A bunch of ideas scrolled on the back of a napkin.

    “Conservative”… You know, I don’t really like that term.
    In the past, I thought I knew what it meant. But I guess the current generation of conservatives don’t fly the same way I do.

    This is what happens when the loyalty to the posse is stronger than to the country and its people.

    BTW… I do agree partly that Wikipedia is indeed biased.
    They bloody deleted the Doctor Manhattan(Watchmen) article!

  2. magsol says:

    I’d argue that they really weren’t even “ideas” so much as “rhetoric”. All the ideas that were made policy were concocted behind closed doors.

    Yeah, I’ve become less sure of what “conservative” means m’self. I know I shouldn’t generalize and stereotype, but it’s becoming more and more difficult not to cringe whenever I hear the term – it’s becoming synonymous with close-mindedness.

    That’s another thing I forgot to mention: Obama is doing one hell of a job of trying to bring the republicans on board with the policies he’s enacting. I never saw Bush do more than just talk about bipartisanship. Obama’s making an amazing effort to keep communication with republicans wide open. If that’s not country loyalty over posse loyalty, I don’t know what is.

    Oh, it’s absolutely biased to some degree. Philosophically speaking, I question whether “unbiased” is even possible. But that aside, my two biggest points on Conservapedia were 1) the fact that it exists ONLY to thumb its nose at Wikipedia, and 2) it is blatantly more biased than Wikipedia – read its “commandments”, then go to just about any other article.

  3. Tim Weaver says:

    Hogwash and bolderdashery! Tax cuts fix everything! Just look at how awesomely our economy is functioning now thanks to President Bush’s brilliant tax cuts. The repo industry is enjoying windfall profits! Collection agencies have so much business they don’t even know what to do with it!

    Drill baby drill! Tax cuts now! I like Ike!

  4. magsol says:

    Damn, now I see the light! I don’t know why I didn’t get it before! Tax cuts, massive military spending, a constitutional amendment to keep marriage between a man and a woman, and opening up the Alaskan reserve to drill, drill, drill!



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