Prob(acing midterm | ate pizza)

I can’t exactly say that “ate pizza” is an attribute of sufficient significance for use in determining the probability of acing the machine learning midterm, but even if it was, let’s just say that 2/3 of a large pepperoni pizza apparently wasn’t enough.  Nowhere near enough.

(clearly, this implies “ate pizza” should be a continuous attribute, rather than a discrete one 😛 )

Two of my three midterms are complete at this juncture.  Computational Molecular Biology was easy, though its crux was the insane length: it had 10 questions, each question with at least 3 parts (some had 5), and each part usually required a rather thorough – though not overly complicated – set of calculations.  Needless to say, nobody in the class fully finished in the 90 minutes allotted.

Machine Learning, though, was a completely different story.  Its length was bearable, but its difficulty was indescribable.  We had access to every lecture slide and scribbled note, and I still could not put the pieces together into coherent answers – save the section on Bayesian Networks (for some reason, I am an expert with those and conditional probabilities in general).  But throw a Logistic Regression question at me and I buckle like a bridge made of toothpicks.  The quandary in this is that, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I know this stuff – in going over midterms from the previous years, none of the questions had answers beyond my knowledge of the course topics.  The problem, then, isn’t the material per se, but rather piecing together which topics are pertinent to addressing the question.

Oy.  My last midterm is tomorrow at 3pm, in Computational Biology.  I’m not expecting this one to be a cakewalk, either.

I also have two quick points to mention regarding the political landscape.  First, I’m thinking of starting a spin-off blog from here that is devoted entirely to the exploration and discussion of the current political generation (this way, I won’t have to interrupt techie talk here to rant about politicians).  Second, regarding Rush Limbaugh’s recent verbal tirade (this this this this this THIS): almost all of it was vapid rhetoric, hate speech, and insipid commentaries.  But he did nail one point: “Republican” is no longer synonymous with “Conservative”, and “Conservative” no longer means “Republican”.

I’ll say no more, since I have to return to studying, and this lolcat is far more relevant to my interests:


(if anyone has any thoughts as to a focus for the aforementioned politics blog, please do share!)


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