Happy birthday to meeee

It’s Friday.  It’s the 13th of the month.  AND it’s my 24th birthday.  Oh, and my whole family (minus one of my sisters, who is currently at the beach in Florida with some friends of hers) is here in Pittsburgh with me, and will be accompanying my friends and myself to Dave & Buster’s later tonight for some gaming.

Yep, this is shaping up to be a pretty frikkin’ good day.

Here’s a picture from my summer abroad (2007) that I felt was appropriate to capture today’s mood:



(thanks to Sweta, Amanda, Matt, Alex, and Nick for the photo and the wonderful travel companionship 🙂 )


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Oh hai!
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2 Responses to Happy birthday to meeee

  1. eksith says:

    Happy Birthday, Old man! Good thing you missed the full moon by a couple of days.

    If you think life’s been an uphill battle until now, don’t worry. It’s all goes downhill from here 😉

    Wait two more years for the gray hairs to sprout like for yours truly 😀

    • magsol says:

      Thank you, sir! That full moon was gorgeous a few days ago. Though I very much enjoyed my birthday falling on a Friday this year 🙂

      Oh goodie. I can’t wait to start pulling out gray hairs. Thaaanks.

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