This was my car

Well, not really MY car, as my parents bought it, paid the insurance, and so on. But the white 2001 Ford Taurus was the car in which my two younger siblings and I, by far, spent the most time driving through high school and whenever we came home in college.

Severe storms have been ravaging the United States of late, and unfortunately this one took its toll.

The weather patterns of the last several years have proved…increasingly erratic. Case in point.

White Lightning, you have been a solidly dependable consort for almost eight whole years. You will be sorely missed.


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Oh hai!
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2 Responses to This was my car

  1. Colin says:

    Haha I see you took off the global warming comment. I was ready to fuck up a global warming argument by interjecting what I know…you know the only guy with an actual degree related to the never ending global warming debate.

    • magsol says:

      Haha, hey feel free! I’d love to hear what you have to say on the topic. I’m just tired of the conservative/religious right decrying the arguments of the liberal/atheist left for their own sake, and vice versa. An educated opinion on the topic would be a breath of fresh air.

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