10 days of summer vacation starts…now

After having arrived in Atlanta from Pittsburgh last Saturday night but still tied down with two to-be-completed projects, I emailed out the last write-up five minutes ago and am now OFFICIALLY on summer vacation.

…for the next 10 days, at which point I fly to Raleigh, NC for my internship with IBM ExtremeBlue.  Though at this point, I’m still considering that summer vacation, because each passing day I grow more excited about it. 😀

But!  For the time being, I am now going to go celebrate my newfound freedom by stepping away from the laptop and enjoying the cloudy, tumultuous, humid outdoors.



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8 Responses to 10 days of summer vacation starts…now

  1. Joshua says:

    So you’re gonna come over and rock out with the tens of new songs for RB and the thousands of new Magic cards Charlie and I have amassed, right?

    I mean, you never *did* get around to seeing the shithole where we currently live…

  2. eksith says:

    “thousands of new Magic cards”
    Geekiness… too… strong…
    Must… watch… Spike…

    • magsol says:

      I’m going to be playing Rock Band all night; I gave up on Magic back in high school when I discovered that winning was strongly correlated with personal wealth. 😛

      • eksith says:

        The vicious cycle of nerd economics.

        BTW… Good luck on the internship.
        Normally I’d say break a leg, but since I’m sure your stay would involve a lot of semicolons… Break a Pinky!

      • Strully says:

        You liar, you haven’t given up on Magic.

  3. magsol says:

    You liar, you haven’t given up on Magic.

    By “giving up,” I mean I’m not investing any time outside of actually playing rounds of Magic in buying cards, making decks, researching ability combinations, and so on. If folks want to play a round, I’ll join in (usually provided someone lends me a deck to play with), but that’s where my engagement ends.

  4. magsol says:

    Break a Pinky!

    Oddly enough, I tend to use my ring finger (or, as I’m discovering, even my middle finger!) for that key. 😛

    Thank you very much for the good luck; I’m going to need it!

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