Greetings from Raleigh

Since last I posted, I have relocated to Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina and completed my first week with the IBM ExtremeBlue program.  It was a grueling week, for sure; introductions, HR setups, and project meetings.  Without going into too much detail, I’ll be spending the summer developing with J2EE on an Eclipse-based IDE called Rational Application Developer.  We’re working on a web application called Quickr, essentially a wiki on steroids for filesharing and team collaboration.

It’s crazy exhausting, and even more crazy awesome.

That sort of large-scale web application development is truly my dream occupation…right alongside bioinformatics research :P.  We’re employing MVC design and servlets to create a modular application, and that is exactly how I have been planning to structure my CMS.  Furthermore, we’re using the Agile software development methodology (specifically, scrum, which is what we used for my senior GT capstone project), which is also how I’m going to regulate the development process of my CMS, thereby providing regular, stable, and functional incremental releases.  Obviously the releases will be very small, considering my first priority is ExtremeBlue.

I love what I do. 😀

Oh yes!  And I just hit 10,000 visits yesterday.  Not too shabby.  Thank you again for all those who continue to take a gander at what I’m posting.

Now I’m going to vanish again for awhile, at least until I’m really humming along with this new framework.  Toodles!



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