IBM ExtremeBlue Project Expo 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this year’s North American EB Project Expo has commenced.


Given my previous entry regarding the local expo in Research Triangle Park, NC, I figured I would highlight the fact that over the next two days – the duration of the convention – I will be making very frequent Twitter updates (tagged with #eb2009expo) throughout the events of the expo.  I’ll also be taking pictures, but I can’t guarantee how frequent postings of those will be.

A quick overview:

-Monday: The ExtremeBlue groups from Almaden (CA), Austin (TX), Raleigh (NC), and Toronto will be giving their product pitches in front of a wide assortment of IBM execs tomorrow starting at 9am.  Following those pitches, we will all retreat to our demo stations, setup with our posters and laptops for touring execs.  Furthermore, the IBM CEO Sam Palmisano himself will be making an appearance and touring our presentation stands.  I don’t know if we’ll be able to make it to the IBM Corporate Headquarters building itself, but all these events will be taking place at the neighboring IBM Learning Center.

-Tuesday: A massive career fair.  Various execs and hiring managers from across just about all facets of the corporation will be present, looking for viable future employees.

Follow the event on my Twitter


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