A plugin that makes bagels would be nice, too

I really have nothing clever to say about this snapshot from my blog’s Dashboard:


A few other noteworthy updates:

1. I’ve started another blog – Left of Sectarian, Right of Chaos – where I will talk about nothing but politics, thus keeping me free on this blog to write and explore about pure and total geekery without interleaving the occasional depressing and angry entry regarding the latest of the politik. It’s currently empty, but updates will start soon. w00t!

2. I attended my first thesis research meeting with the entire Murphy Lab research group, where we discussed a paper published back in 2005 by, of all people, someone working in Microsoft Research. I have a lot of work to prepare for my thesis defense next May, but damn this is one bright group of folks I’m working with.

3. How many boards could the Mongols hoard if the Mongol horde got bored?

4. Remember those random desktop freezes I had posted about before? Well, even after purchasing that new motherboard, they started up again with a vengeance upon my return to Pittsburgh. This time, I swapped out the power supply (replaced my original Thermaltake 750W with a Corsair 750W), and it’s been purring like a lion in the shade with a fresh kill ever since. Fingers crossed that I finally nailed the friggin problem.

5. Plans continue to unfold regarding my future after graduating from Carnegie Mellon in May. More details to come.

This weekend, I’m off to Hidden Valley Resort for the annual Biology departmental retreat. The experience last year was phenomenal, though I was pretty lost during all the research talks as I had next to zero biology knowledge. This year, I’m really excited about the prospect of really grasping what it is everyone in the department is working on. Plus the social aspects are a ton of fun. 🙂



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