I would like to go on record…

…with the following statement. AHEM!

Though I am a student of the sciences; though I am a pupil of technology and a patron of theory; though I relish immersing myself into the latest and greatest advances and leaps in the cutting edge of research, nothing will ever rival the sheer utility of this, the greatest resource a graduate student could possibly have at his/her disposal:

Seriously. My beautiful and fabulous girlfriend bought me one for my 24th birthday, and it’s seen an unbelievable amount of action since this fall semester began. It’s truly the shining beacon of human ingenuity.

About Shannon Quinn

Oh hai!
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2 Responses to I would like to go on record…

  1. halfsmile says:

    That girlfriend of yours sure does give you cool gifts. I wish I could be as awesome as her.

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