Facebook Plea

Recently, Facebook updated its security and privacy settings to provide users with more protection of their data, more customizability in who has access to that data, and generally tighten things up on a whole.

Whether or not this had anything to do with the TOS controversy from last year is another matter.

But ever since then, something has been nagging at me. And it’s not getting any better; in fact, it’s getting worse. And it’s not only me. My girlfriend posted an entry of her own – much more bluntly than I ever could have – highlighting the annoyance.

If we have so much control over our information, why can’t we disable these little blurbs polluting our walls?

All those little "recent activity" blurbs in between posts. Those buggers.

This may sound somewhat pedantic and trite, but here’s the crux of it all: every single little action a user takes – commenting on a photo, “like”-ing someone’s status, or editing their profile – is posted on the wall. Even if I post a link on my cousin’s wall, the friend of mine at Carnegie Mellon who is not friends with my cousin can see this action that I took.

That’s a privacy issue. And it’s not under my control. Which is not cool. Plus, it’s really freaking annoying! I don’t want my Mom to know how much I’m actually on Facebook when I should be getting work done for graduate school!… 😛

And now I’m going to go back to super-duper top-secret project planning. Oh yes indeed.

::Edit:: Facebook recently posted a message on their new security section:

Whether we display a story on your profile is now controlled by the privacy of the content itself, rather than an additional setting. For example, only people who can see both your Wall, and the Wall to which you posted would be able to see a story about you writing on a friend’s Wall. You cannot completely turn off recent activity stories anymore. However, if you want to remove a particular story that currently shows up, simply click the “Remove” button that appears to the right of the story after you move your mouse over it.

So my previous argument about friends-of-friends seeing posts I’ve made on not-mutual friends’ walls doesn’t necessarily stand anymore, provided you have your security set up properly. Still, why they’ve eliminated the ability to turn off “Recent Stories” altogether is entirely beyond me.


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2 Responses to Facebook Plea

  1. halfsmile says:

    Even so, it’s fucking annoying. It’s clogging my wall and I have lots of friends of friends that can now see EVERYTHING. Ugh.

    • magsol says:

      It’s beyond annoying. Any considering lots of my friends are friends with each other, it’s disconcerting to know that all my friends won’t need to look any further than my wall to know exactly what I’ve been up to on Facebook.

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