Another milestone

Well this is pretty impressive. As of sometime yesterday, this blog officially hit 30,000 visits.

I first created it back in February 2008, so it’s barely been around for two full years. The visiting rates have fluctuated wildly since then, but what’s been interesting is the last year, or really, the last three months. Since November 2009, this blog has averaged almost 4,000 visitors each month. That’s over 100 every single day.

Now. I’m quite sure that a good portion of those visits – if not the majority – aren’t even human, but most likely aliens. Or intarweb bots. But probably the former.

So in celebration…here’s a lolcat 🙂 Thank you again for reading and commenting on my thoughts, however inane and non-substantive they may be.


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Oh hai!
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5 Responses to Another milestone

  1. eksith says:

    Obviously! It’s a scientifically proven fact that there are no humans on teh intarwebs. We’re all engineered mime artists formally known as humans.

    And speaking of poularity, you may notice that links come back from the strangest places and weirdest searches.

    Minor side note…
    I know you’ve been busy these days, but did you get a chance to work on the CMS lately?

    • magsol says:

      Yeah I’ve noticed more and more – particularly with the younger generation of internet users – that folks seem incapable of communicating over the internet unless it’s in the form of a meme. If that doesn’t qualify as “not-human”, I don’t know what does.

      Ummm yes. Weird referers, bizarre search times, and the occasional non-sensical incoming link certainly always keeps the Stats page interesting.

      As for the CMS, I’m honestly at somewhat of a stopgap. I took a web apps course last semester in which we used CakePHP, and I realized while utilizing the framework that it was, almost quite literally, what I was trying to design in terms of my CMS. How I accidentally began implementing something I’d never used before is beyond me, but there you have it. Plus CakePHP isn’t even a CMS, and I’m not sure how I was going to tie in the whole “content management” part of the project.

      Basically, my first stab at it was rather misdirected. Plus, who wants to implement a tool that already exists? Not me! So I need to go back to the drawing board – not necessarily to throw out what’s already been done, but take a good fundamental look at the philosophy I was trying to follow and figure out what sort of application I want coming out the other end.

      • eksith says:

        That’s a bummer 😦

        I asked, actually, because I was being a bit selfish. I figured I may have some free time coming up in a few weeks and thought it would be a good time to create some new layouts.

        I thought the CMS was well on its way by now and ready to be tested with a few of them.

      • magsol says:

        Yeah, it really is.

        No, I was fully planning on conscripting you into writing templates for my CMS. 🙂 I did make substantial progress on it over the summer – the servlet architecture is in place – but my jaw about hit the floor when I started using CakePHP and its architecture was the same MVC model I’d implemented. I really didn’t see a point to reimplementing something that a) already done, and b) much better supported.

        Plus, I realize that by spending so much time on the MVC architecture, it took more of a “framework” role than that of a traditional “CMS”. So it’s back to the drawing board to re-shift the focus.

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