For the record…

…I would like to say this:

I am really, really getting into my twice-a-week fencing matches.

The first half of the semester was mostly teaching us the fundamentals and getting us used to thinking quickly and feeling the rhythm of a bout. But now we regularly fence one another – as well as the instructors and club team members – for the entire session. And I think I’m starting to [knock on wood] get the hang of it. Plus it’s FUN.

It’s one heckuva solid workout, but even moreso the true talent lies in the mental acuity of the fighters. A match is all about learning and exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses on the fly, while simultaneously concealing your own. It’s an easy sport to learn, but an exceptionally difficult one to master. Every possible move is not only one which could score you a point, but it could also be used as leverage for your opponent to score a point.

So. Much. Awesome. I highly recommend trying it out if you haven’t.


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3 Responses to For the record…

  1. halfsmile says:

    This is, like, the shortest post you’ve had in a while, and LOOK AT YOUR TAGS. In fact, I think your TAGS are longer than the ENTRY.

    Anyway. Fencing is cool. THE END.

    • magsol says:

      Yeah, the last few posts have been kinda short. I’m slacking off! Or maybe I’m putting my posts into my tags and vice versa. 😛

      YES. Fencing is awesome. The club team apparently meets Saturday mornings, so if you’re at all curious, we could take a jaunt over there when you’re in town. 🙂

      • halfsmile says:

        Haha, well we can definitely check it out for you. I’ma gonna stick with running. 🙂 Though I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it sometime when I’m settled, have time, funds… y’know. Then I’ll learn to kick your ass.

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