It’s GSoC!…and other things

As seems to be “my thing”, I can’t ever focus on just one singular task at a given time. When I told a friend of mine – my CS capstone project leader at Georgia Tech, in fact – that I’d be spending the summer working only on this “awesome machine learning project implementing a distributed clustering algorithm w000000!” all summer, she laughed in my face.

“You can’t do just one thing at any given time!”

I have to admit: she’s right. So what else am I up to?

First and foremost, GSoC is actually going pretty well. I’ve started yet another blog, currently devoted exclusively to the nitty-gritty theory and implementation of my project, but I’m hoping it will serve a similar purpose upon the conclusion of the summer, as it’s not like I’ll be short on theory and projects when I start my PhD program in the fall. Feel free to follow the blog for as close to a play-by-play as possible, but be forewarned: it’s going deep into the theory, and it’ll probably be a tad short on the usual hunky-dory self-bantering I indulge in here. 😛

Secondly, a goal for this summer was to fix Ronon. Yep, still having the same ol’ same ol’ problems with the desktop computer (named “Ronon” after the beastly SGA character) I built just before heading off to Carnegie Mellon in ’08: at some point (usually within a two-day span), the system inexplicably locks up. I’ve tried everything; I can’t even link all the posts I’ve made about it in this blog alone, though here’s a very thorough one I posted on SuperUser whose solution ended up only being yet another seemed-to-work-and-then-didn’t “fix”. I was able to squeak through my M.S. work without it, but I’m really going to need that beast for PhD work, and it’d be really nice to have it for setting up virtual distributed environments with my current GSoC work. However, since my first priority is GSoC, I’ve passed the buck to the Geek Squad to find and diagnose the problem that has eluded me for 18 months.

Thirdly, I want to P05T MOAR!!1 I have a handful of blogs that I neglected in the wake of my master’s thesis, and as someone who has a predisposition for loquacity I’d like to bring the practice back from the wayside. Obviously my GSoC blog will take precedence, but I’m still hoping to update this one at least once a week. I can’t say I’ll always have something divisive and pot-stirring to discuss here, but I’ll certainly do my best to be interesting 😉



Tickets for this year’s BlizzCon go on sale tomorrow at 7pm Pacific time! BE THERE OR BE NOOB.


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