3 Responses to The phenomenon of smart-blind

  1. eksith says:

    “this whole American Exceptionalism thing has gone way too far”…
    We’ll, since you’re not alone, let’s just eat all the pork we can so we can light up the night sky for when they burn us at the stake.

    America is going to have a very rude awakening pretty soon and, I’m sorry to say, it’s well earned. When India ends up having more honor students than we have students (I saw that stat in some YouTube video once, but actually looked it up later), you know you’re already starting this race miles behind. And standards are pretty high already in at least the busy cities of rising industrial nations and they’ll only get higher as their governments realize, “hey, why aspire to become like the Americans when we can do better?”

    But the reason we’ve made these strides in a short period of times is due to one very important fact… It’s not the nation that produces the brains that ultimately succeeds, it’s where they drain to.

    Remember, before WWII and the rise of the Nazis, Germany was one of the preeminent producers of scientists and intellectuals in the world. As nearly most of Europe was ruined by the war and massacres, many of those intellectuals (some being Jewish) ended up fleeing to the U.S. and… Tadaa… USA = #1. And most of us forgot that Jingoism ≠ Patriotism.

    Until we actually work toward making this a better place through the advancement of knowledge, empathy and generosity, we’re still drawing from the same well of wisdom that past generations have dug for us… and we ain’t replenishing it anywhere near fast enough.

    I can imagine a lot of young intellectuals in this country have already had enough to flee in droves.

    • magsol says:

      We’ll, since you’re not alone, let’s just eat all the pork we can so we can light up the night sky for when they burn us at the stake.

      Isn’t that the truth of it.

      Man, your comment is perfect. Exceptionally well-put, and I agree with every single point. I like that Obama acknowledged the very issue last night that our universities, while still the finest in the world, educate some of the brightest minds from overseas. But following their graduation, our country as a whole pushes them back home.

      Rude awakening, for sure.

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