In case you were wondering where I’ve been

…for those who stalk me…

In case you’ve been living under a Microsoft rock, it was recently made public that certain GPS-enabled Apple devices have been tracking your location since last summer. As Exhibit A (after disabling the sync encryption), here is the location data I was able to pull off my iPhone:

Lots of time in Atlanta (that would be summer ’10), Pittsburgh (duh), and Ohio (to see Les Misérable…awesome, awesome play), with another big bump in Knoxville (for BSEC), and lots of pathways between them (for the driving involved).

Moral of the story: while this is relatively inconsequential, be careful about what sort of information you’re storing and making accessible. Google yourself every now and then. Keep your Facebook profile under wraps. Don’t post on Twitter saying you’ll be going on vacation, and include your location on your post. Stuff like that.

And because this is just an awesome lolcat, and essentially symbolizes my first-year as a PhD student:


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