The Burgh 10k

Taking a note from The Lady’s running blog, I’m posting about the race I did yesterday. So without further adieu, here is the play-by-play of yesterday’s 10k out in Cecil, PA, as hosted by the Burgh’s Pizza and Wing Pub.

8:15am: Alarm goes off. Hit sleep a few times. Wasn’t I just awake earlier this morning? (grad school just won’t go away)

8:25am: Finally crawl out of bed and start getting ready. A banana and a granola bar should suffice, right? Hopefully.

8:36am: Text comes in from Rob: “Be there in 10 mins.” Crap, I’m not even dressed yet.

8:45am: Whirlwind of finding a technical shirt, a long-sleeve t-shirt (my Frigid 5-Miler shirt, because I felt like glowing neon green today), and making sure I had all my equipment (gloves/hat in case of cold, iPod, keys, etc).

8:51am: Rob and Cas picked me up. Shit’s about to get real.

9:30am: Arrived at the sprawling metropolis of Cecil, PA and parked a few blocks down the main drag near a Baptist church that was just letting out of its morning mass. The miserable drizzle was doing its thing, but I decided against the hat and gloves.

9:45am: Cool little river.

9:47am: WTF, dude is trying to fish in the river? Wouldn’t want to eat anything that comes out of that thing…

9:50am: Got to the start; the 5k was still finishing up, so Rob and I did a quick 0.2-mile jog down the other end of the trail. Not nearly enough of a warm-up, as I soon found out.

9:55am: Talking last bit of strategy. Rob wants to do the first two miles at 9mph, second two miles at 9.5mph, last 2.2 miles at 10mph to get in at just under 40 minutes. I’m planning on just trying to keep up for the first few miles, then I figure I’ll be good (my PR to break, FYI, was 49:17).

10:00am: Amazing, we started right on time!…though things are a little crowded, what with about 300 people on the same little Schenley-esque trail.

Stock photo. It wasn't sunny at all yesterday.

10:02am: Ohh yes, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan soundtrack hits its climax right as Rob and I find a clearing through the humanity and blast ahead of everyone.

10:06am: Er, just finished the first mile…might be taking this a little too fast.

10:10am: Holy freaking crap, this hill never ends. Just trying to keep up.

10:19am: Whoa, cool tunnel. And finally going downhill.

10:20am: Oh hey, there’s Rob!…albeit going the other way. The turnaround must be ahead.

10:23am: Turnaround! 23 minutes at the halfway point, that’s a good sign. Except I’m pretty burned out already from starting off too fast and the long uphill.

10:28am: Back through the tunnel, should be a nice long downhill. Except it’s not really enough to get a good bit of speed going.

10:35am: Oh boy, just trying to keep up.

Stock photo of the tunnel. No bikers were in the race.

10:42am: Running alongside some other guy, we’re pushing each other inadvertently, mainly because we’re guys and we have to be competitive. Comes in handy.

10:46am: Last 0.2 miles! Kick it!

10:48am: DONE. 48:10. Busted my PR, cool thing is I probably could have done a lot better. Wasn’t expecting that 2.5-mile constant uphill at the start. Shouldn’t have started off so quick.

10:52am: Free beer AND food? OH SNAP.

11:25am: Blast the tubular nets song on the ride back in celebration of an awesome race.

It really was immensely enjoyable. I really didn’t have time to run it–end of semester gimmicks are keeping me up quite late at night–but it was still absolutely worthwhile. I love trail running; in a way, it’s a lot more enjoyable than running out on main roads. Plus the size of the race was perfect for the venue: only ~300 people. The racers and volunteers were all super friendly, the food was excellent, and I PRed. Not too shabby.

Only problem is an ongoing ankle issue I’ve been having, but that’s another story. For now, back to work!


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