Failed marathons and cross-country excursions

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to update–getting set up as a Google employee is quite time-consuming–but I wanted to mention a few things that have happened lately.

  • Cathryn and I attended the Pittsburgh Marathon, slated to run in the half-marathon. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been having ankle issues for the past few weeks. I saw a physical therapist about 10 days before the race, and he identified the problem (out-of-place talus bone) and suggested a few exercises I could do that might still keep me in the race. Unfortunately, I was still feeling pain a few days before the race, so I turned into a spectator and cheered Cathryn on to a great race 🙂
  • I visited home for the week before the half-marathon. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to really shmooze with them, as it was graduation week for my sister Sarah and my Mom; the former received her BA, the latter her MSW. Sarah is heading out to the Peace Core very soon, so I’m going to do my best to drag her up to Pittsburgh to visit before then.
  • Starting my internship with Google! I’m currently out in Mountain View for the week, and I’m having a blast 😀 Can’t wait to get back to Pittsburgh and work with the folks who hired me, though!
  • Seriously guise, Google is freakin’ sweeeeet.

Here is a lolcat for your troubles:


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