Update for the sake of updating


I don’t really have anything specific I wanted to blog about today, but I really need to get into a more regular blogging rhythm here – ideally back up to somewhere around once per week – and blogging does beget blogging, so here I am. The best I can come up with, therefore, is a schizophrenic look at what I’ve been up to lately. To wit:

  • Four distinct cities in the past three weeks! If you ever wanted to train yourself to loathe traveling, that’s one hell of an effective way of doing it. I officially detest being anywhere that my apartment isn’t.
  • Week 1 (May 9-15): Atlanta to visit the family (and watch my mom and sis gradumacate). Oh yes, loads of fun.
  • Week 2 (May 16): Back to Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Marathon (and Half-Marathon), for which I had trained but developed a rather severe ankle strain in the week leading up to it (though I PR’d on a recent 10K…which is when the pain spiked). So Cathryn ran it for both of us, and kicked its ass 🙂
  • Week 2 (May 17-22): In Mountain View, CA for orientation at Google’s headquarters. That was a whole ‘nother world. I had a BLAST. Also: had a nasty allergic reaction to something, we still don’t know what. It’s never happened before. But it’s cleared up, so who knows.
  • Week 3 (May 23-26): In Pittsburgh again, this time starting my job at the Pittsburgh office. Got a few days in, was issued my nerf gun, and made some progress rooting through the heaps of documentation on my project.
  • Week 3 (May 26-31): Family vacation in New Orleans! Since one sister is heading off to the Peace Corps in September, and my PhD program is picking up speed, this is one last chance for the whole fam to be in close proximity for an extended period of time. So we chose to visit quite an interesting city.
  • FINALLY picked up the bike I purchased four weeks ago: a Raleigh Talus, aptly named Sybil. It’s FANTASTIC. I suddenly feel as though I’ve been set free and can get just about anywhere I want in a very short period of time. While getting exercise!
  • Have made significant progress on the next generation of my Twitterbot; all that remains is some final testing before it’s deployed, which will hopefully be very soon.
  • Apache Mahout just pushed out its 0.5 release! Go download it now!…if you do large-scale parallel data processing, of course. I have several issues I’ll be attending to for 0.6…
  • I was accepted as a speaker for ApacheCon NA 2011 in Vancouver! I wonder if I’ll randomly run into any Stargate folks?
  • My Google Reader has been crying out in loneliness over the last month; twice I’ve had to click the “Mark All as Read” button when my number of unread items was 700+. Still, I’ve tried to pay attention to my friends’ blogs (see the duck that I viciously yoinked from underwhelmed).
  • Speaking of friends’ blogs, where on earth has eksith gone off to??
  • On a serious note, this is some of the most enjoyable work I’ve done in awhile. Pretty close to what my PhD research is shaping up to be. Exciting stuff!

With that, it’s time for to get back to writing some map-reduces for the project I’m gearing up for at Google. An interesting bit on Google: there’s so much free food involved that you literally have to worry about the “Google 15”. It’s something like this:


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5 Responses to Update for the sake of updating

  1. eksith says:

    Congrats on the speaking gig!

    “Speaking of friends’ blogs, where on earth has eksith gone off to??”
    Showbiz, my dear fellow! Well almost… Does staring at a couple of LCDs all day and night count as the limelight? 😉

    With everything else occupying every remaining moment in your life, free time pretty is much reduced to Planck Time. I… er… actually had to make an update too after scrolling past the 8th “are you still alive” email.

    “..twice I’ve had to click the “Mark All as Read” button when my number of unread items was 700+.”
    Ah, yes. The term is Email bankrupcy, which is equally apt to readers and a feeling I know all too well.

    Good to see you’re occupied with other stuff besides work and school. And yes, you will into some Stargate folks in Vancouver 😛

    • eksith says:

      I just noticed that you’ve changed your tagline from :
      1s and 0s of a fledgling computer scientist
      1s and 0s of a fledgling scientist

      Captain, I’m detecting broader horizons in this sector

      • magsol says:

        You’re correct indeed! I felt that, since I am now pursuing a PhD in computational biology, that my focus was more than pure computer science, and therefore takes me out of the running of being “just” a computer scientist 🙂

        I still consider myself a computer scientist, but at some point I’d also like to think of myself as a biologist, so “scientist” just seems more generally appropriate.

    • magsol says:

      d00d! So good to see you posting/commenting again! 🙂

      Thanks for the congrats! I need to keep my streak of talks (aka, 1) alive in which I show a lolcat in my presentation slides. Definitely a worthy pursuit, for sure.

      Yeah, while I’ve still managed to update this blog (…once a month. ick), I think the quality has suffered with how busy I’ve been. It’s not that I’ll be less busy, but I need to make blogging a higher priority, and the quality will implicitly return. Though I don’t think Email Bankruptcy will end anytime soon 😛

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