Sense of Purpose

With every blog I’ve maintained, there has always been an underlying purpose behind it. Whether it’s a blog for my academic and open source pursuits, or an emo personal journal, or someplace I say random crap (in 140 chars or less), each outlet has its own mission statement.

Except for this one.

Of course, it started out earnest enough: a student blogger for Georgia Tech’s vaunted College of Computing, where I could record my thoughts and actions as an undergraduate studying computer science. I was linked from the main page, and both prospective and current students alike could peruse my musings.

But with that ship having sailed long ago, this blog is falling further and further from having any discernible purpose. I kept it as kind of a low-key geek blog, but between my academic pursuits chronicled in the aforementioned blog, and my daily life, I’m not finding much of a niche in between, as evidenced by the falling frequency of updates here and subsequent fall in regular traffic. Not to mention how busy I’ll be for quite some time yet.

Essentially, I’m being spread a bit too thin, and it may be time to consolidate my blogs.

I haven’t made a decision on this yet, but it’s something I’ve been rolling around in my head for awhile. For now, we’re still playing the wait-and-see game. These are the last two weeks of my Google internship, and they’re busy ones 🙂


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One Response to Sense of Purpose

  1. eksith says:

    Categories are your friend…

    Bottom line is that there’s no such thing as a different you for all the aspects of your life as they’re still essentially a displacement of you from the previous (or parallel) snapshot of your existence. It’s only your interractions with the other aspects of your present (or parallel) snapshots that change.

    Humans and felines are subatomic particles that constitute the lolverse.

    I hope you’re not planning on deleting any content; rather posting links to one location on the remainder. And it couldn’t hurt to cross-post some entries that pass a rorschach test of fluency in terms of what you hoped to communicate and what came across in each one of your blogs.

    Also… coffee helps… a lot!

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