The second row is so true

Ever since I finally got around to checking out every cell in this 25×25 grid (it’s been a busy past few weeks), I seriously cannot get past how fantastically awesome this is.

Every fall, it's (row 2, column 1) all over again. In a good way.

I literally have no critique of this. A+, 10/10, phenomenal job, well done, and good night.


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Oh hai!
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6 Responses to The second row is so true

  1. Buahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. That’s fantastic 😀

  2. eksith says:

    I can only attest that the first and last rows are pretty much a page from Gray’s Anatomy.
    Nothing, but illustrated fact in all of its disturbing glory.

    • magsol says:

      Do fellow technicians really regard each other as Chuck Norris?

      • eksith says:

        Chuck Norris riding a black horse, jumping through a burning building, dual weilding nunchucks, while being attacked by ninja pirate Russian special forces commandos riding snow mobiles equipped with 50 cal machine guns and flame throwers and grenade launchers, past a dragon/dinosaur/giant rhesus monkey tribrid conceived in a secret jungle lair by Octomom infected with rabies, breathing black smoke, brimstone, Greek Fire and nepalm at all of us…

        …and we call that Monday.

    • magsol says:

      Well shucks, that’s quite a Monday 🙂 Kudos to you and your fellow Chucks, sir!

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