Deliciously horrible idea

As I was collapsing under the strain of bearing my workload the other day, I thought: what can I do to make my workload even heavier?

*cue dramatic music*

To be completely honest, I was actually thinking about this blog’s humble beginnings: the blog of an undergraduate of the Georgia Tech College of Computing (where I am, sadly, no longer listed). I was recalling how I would, on rare occasion, post about the specific goings-on of my studies, rather than the smoothed-over version concocted over a certain amount of time between the actual event itself and whenever I decided to post to the intertubes about it.

Well, let’s have a brief return to ye olden days, shall we?

Starting next Monday (the 13th), I’ll write a blow-by-blow every day for seven consecutive days. Call it: “A Boring-Ass Week In The Life Of Somebody Completely Unimportant”.

And then I’ll never post again…aka back to business as usual.


I think my message would be "basejk purists are assholes"

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2 Responses to Deliciously horrible idea

  1. Dan says:

    I remember those days. “Dan kept saying he slept with my mom. WELL HE DIDN’T AND I WILL INTERNET RAGE UNTIL HE SUFFERS!!!!!!”

    Looking forward to the 7 days, though! Should be fun =)

    • magsol says:


      Yeah! I think it’ll be interesting. Though I’m still trying to figure out a good format; should I just punctuate each entry with a series of timestamps? Something like:

      -8:37am: oh crap, Skype crashed again
      -9:42am: crap, almost out of content and still 15 minutes to go. guess i should start tap-dancing!

      Or should I go a more narrative route, structuring the entries closer to how they appear normally?

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