Monday, February 13, 2012

7:29am: …asdfjk; whaa? What time is…WHY IS IT 7:30 IN THE MORNING. WHY DID MY 6am ALARMS NOT GO OFF. Oh, I turned them all off; I must have been “woken up” by the first one, shut the rest of them off, and gone right back to sleep. Well then. Good thing I even woke up.

7:40am: This is not good. Gotta run to catch a bus down to BST3, hopefully I won’t be too much later than 8am when I said I’d be there to get set up for my big, huge, 8:30am Mahout lecture to a class out at CMU@Qatar.

7:45am: Oh good, missed one bus. Maybe another one will come soon?

7:52am: On another bus, sweet. Cathryn wondered why I didn’t just bike to BST3. As my mind is clearing, I’m wondering the same thing. Chalk it up to sleep-deprived panic. Make a mental note to get back to a regular sleep schedule once this lecture is done.

8:07am: Got to the BST3 stop. Man I hate traffic on 5th ave.

8:15am: All set up in the Fish Bowl conference room. Made a few tweaks to the presentation based on some notes I wrote just before going to bed, and Skype is up and running with my contact in Qatar. Things look good!

8:30am-10:00am: Deliver a 90-minute lecture to the class on the mission of Apache Mahout and give some in-depth examples of how it works in practice. It wasn’t a perfect lecture, and the material could use some refinement, but all things considered, it went exceptionally well. If anyone is interested, here’s the slide deck.

10:15am: Hooray, presentation is done! And it went fairly well!…man, I’m really hungry. Haven’t eaten yet today since I was in such a rush to get out the door. It’s still fairly early, so there’s plenty of time to get back to my place, get some food, and get back before my 1:30 meeting. Plus this will work well for exercise, since it’s a 2-mile walk one-way, and I won’t have any time otherwise today to get a workout in.

10:45am: Listening to Science Friday, learning about scientists with tattoos and some cutting-edge cosmology theories as I walk down 5th avenue. Man I love Ira Flatow, even though he totally sounds exactly like Alan Alda.

11:15am: Made it back to my apartment. Call up a home appliance company; need them to come out and investigate my garbage disposal, after it chewed up some glassware and now seems completely jammed. Not exactly inclined to stick my hand inside to try and loosen things up.

11:45am: Eat some lunch, actually relax for the first time today. Watch some Stargate: Atlantis? Yes, please! Oh man, McKay is stuck in the back of a sinking jumper, how’s he going to get out of this one???

12:45pm: Welp, guess it’s time to hit the ol’ dusty trail. Fire up Science Friday again for the walk back; this time, we’re learning about climate science and meditation. So awesome.

1:30pm: Arrived at BST3 just before my undergraduates. A few minutes, in fact; went downstairs to retrieve them (BST3 requires security cards for admission, so I had to escort them).

1:35pm: Smalltalk over, we launch into our weekly status meeting. Last week, they were supposed to familiarize themselves with the theoretical backing of autoregressive models. Things started off slow initially, but soon we were humming along: I was getting peppered with questions regarding what processes they could represent, what the dimensionality reduction step did, if there were any dependencies between pixels, what constitutes linear vs nonlinear motion, and what effect higher-order markov chains have on the reconstructed data…among many other questions.

2:45pm: Meeting just ended. I’d only planned for a 30-minute get-together, but they had a lot of questions and I was happy to answer them. We’re already over a month into the semester, so they only have what remains until late April to finish the project. Needless to say, I have to make myself available during our allotted meetings. I have a few tasks to get done: I need to talk to my advisor (since he was unable to attend our meeting) with some of the questions they had which I couldn’t answer, and I need to write a quick Python script to give them some toy data to play with as they start writing code to implement AR models.

Super tip-top secret stuff.

3:15pm: Quick email check on lapto–WTF KERNEL PANIC???

3:20pm: Socialize with labmate Virginia in the break room during “Cookies & Coffee” hour at BST3 while I wait for Kant (my laptop) to reboot. She’s a little freaked about “turning 30” (she’s about to hit her 28th birthday) and has decided that she’s going to cut way back on her running, having now been convinced by “numerous studies” that marathon running is detrimental to your health. I spent a few minutes poking holes in her arguments, before she reiterated that “numerous studies” claim it’s bad for your health, and that she was going to stick with her decision. I had a couple graham crackers and went back to my cubicle.

3:30pm: Chakra (my advisor) is on-and-off available to meet, but he’s trying to multitask with a deadline with one of our collaborators. He shows me bits of a presentation he gave recently regarding our work on cilia, and what we need to do to get our paper published by the time I leave for Morocco in early March.

3:45pm: Chakra kicks me out again to finish some last-minute stuff. I install some updates on my work desktop, Icarus. Updates finish: system demands to be rebooted. UGH.

4:45pm: Met with Chakra. The poor guy is exhausted. I kept my more menial questions to myself; I have plenty of work to get done.

5:25pm: Finished writing a follow-up email to the undergrads, complete with a more in-depth explanation of their task for the next week, as well as a Python script I quickly threw together that will generate toy data for them to play with as they start writing AR models. Also, need to start getting ready for The Lady to pick me up; she’s being super-sweet and taking me to my evening PT session. She’s been curious as to why I’m always so exhausted after those sessions; now she gets to find out 😛

5:32pm: If you haven’t, check out the Sublime text editor. It’s freaking awesome.

5:45pm: The Lady picked me up from outside BST3 to go to PT on Southside. We get to catch up with each other a bit 🙂

6:25pm: PT starts! Cycling for warm-up, scraping (yes, scraping), followed by lots and lots of exercises. The Lady does wall sits with me. Isn’t she sweet?

7:30pm: The Lady and I take a trip to Giant Eagle (ugh) to pick up some goodies for tomorrow evening’s Valentine’s Day dinner. We’re going low-key and cooking one of our favorite dinners, followed by watching the next Netflix DVD.

8:30pm: The Lady drops me off at my place. There’s a box outside my door. It’s from my parents. ZOMG IT’S A BUNCH OF VALENTINE’S DAY CANDY OM NOM NOMM–oh wait, I’m being exceptionally careful about my diet after two decadent weekends in a row (a party + Buffalo Wild Wings last weekend, two parties the weekend before that). I’ll just have a couple cookies…

9:00pm: Oh right. Dinner. But first, shower!

9:20pm: Now it’s dinnertime. Followed by planning out tomorrow’s shenanigans: looks like my highest priorities for the week are as follows.

  1. Help my fellow TA Jose grade the latest homework assignment (probably due by Thursday).
  2. Read this week’s journal club paper and submit a critique by Wednesday.
  3. Call the Salvation Army to schedule a furniture pick-up (landlord wants to give me a new couch, apparently).
  4. Plot out a development roadmap for version 2.0 of our research website. There are a bunch of tickets in Github that need to be organized with a timeline.
  5. Modularize a bunch of hacky Python code I’ve written to analyze videos, specifically regarding the AR implementation I wrote.

10:30pm: Bedtime. Finally. Sweet dreams!

This may very well be the best thread response I've ever seen.


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