Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Google "yes this is dog" if you don't get it.

5:00am: Yes, 5am: wake-up, rise and shine, IT’S GOING TO BE A *$T(*@$GWJL@+@#*$@ DAY! Mainly awake because The Lady wanted to hit spin class at her gym before work. Figured I’d go ahead and get up too, since today is going to be pretty effing busy.

5:56am: Breakfast’d and ready’d, I embarked for Carnegie Mellon.

6:30am-8:00am: Weights (upper body, triceps + biceps + chest today), plus 45 hard minutes on the elliptical. I’m taking this week off from impact running, as we start our “official” half-marathon training next week. Want to make sure my joints are ready for it, in particular for the Spring Thaw next Saturday–I’m shooting to do 20 miles!

8:30am: Hitting Hunt Library until journal club starts at 12:30. Will hopefully go to JC having graded most (if not all) of the CSM homework assignments.

9:32am: The news hitting the geekier parts of the internet about the unexpected weakness in public key cryptography is rather shocking. Glad my key is 4096-bit, but it still uses RSA which apparently has some flaws in the way that it generates random numbers.

10:22am: I’ve started grading the CSM homeworks, but…where on earth is the class roster?

10:24am: Oh, right: it’s a Google doc, not a Dropbox doc. Derp.

10:40am: Emailed back and forth with Jose (the other TA who’s helping me good-cop-bad-cop CSM), and I’m going to hold off on grading until after journal club. Switching gears to coming up with the roadmap for our big research project.

12:14pm: Managing videos with Drupal. Yikes. Time for a break, aka off to journal club.

1:23pm: Journal club was exceptionally bizarre. Presenter 1 (the person who gives an overview of paper) did a decent job, but for whatever reason, the professor loved him. As in, could not stop talking about how awesome his presentation was. Presenters 2 (the person/people who critique the paper) did a decent job, but the professor actually managed to turn the discussion back to how awesome P1 was. It was…weird.

1:25-4:15pm: Left for PT on Southside. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary.

4:20pm: Spoke to my landlord. Lots of issues to clear up. Will update.

4:45pm: Stopped by the local Subway to get dinner, since I’m trying to be healthy and the only alternative was the pizza that will be served at tonight’s Hadoop meeting at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center. Oh yeah, I’m giving my ApacheCon presentation at this meeting.

5:25pm:Refreshed myself on exactly what was in my presentation; been awhile since I’ve looked at it. Not enough time to get back to grading, though; just have to do it once I get home from the meeting. Which probably won’t be until 8pm or later. Also, my legs are really achy from PT and this morning’s decently-difficult workout.

I feel for the poor guy, just waiting in line.

5:52pm: As predicted, pizza and soda at the meeting. Must…resist…

6:25pm: Listened to a couple lightning talks on some basic Hadoop stuff. Now it’s my turn!

7:05pm: Wrapped up my talk, complete with a Q&A section. What I came away with: I had been asked to give the talk, so I gave it. But it was clear that this audience differed significantly from the one at ApacheCon, to whom I’d geared the presentation in the first place. This audience, the Hadoop Users group in Pittsburgh, while certainly interested in my work, would respond quite a bit more to a basic overview of Mahout, rather than applications of it (I also had the benefit at ApacheCon of being the presenter immediately after Isabel Drost, who gave a similar overview on Mahout, so it was an excellent primer for my own presentation). Before I left (the meeting ended after my shpiel), I told Doug (the group’s coordinator) that I would be more than happy to give my Mahout introductory lecture at any future meeting. He enthusiastically took me up on it.

7:30pm: Headed home, finishing up this week’s episode of Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. Got nailed on the “Science or Fiction” segment; totally didn’t believe that dogs could respond better to finger pointing than chimpanzees, but apparently while the latter are (obviously) significantly more cognitively developed overall than dogs, this is one area where dogs have a specific talent. Who knew!

8:00pm: Arrive home. Am exhausted, but still need to get some CSM grading done by bedtime…

9:30pm: Made an attempt to work and failed miserably; I am completely burned out from the day. Going to do a few mindless chores and crash. Here’s a video for your troubles.

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