Thursday, February 16, 2012

7:30am: Woke up. Wow, apparently I really was burned out from yesterday.

8:23am: Received a notification that the Berlin Buzzwords conference has chosen its keynote speakers. Really like the lineup! Leslie Hawthorn was the GSoC program manager awhile back and I was very impressed with how well she handled the it.

8:48am: Just got a call from the garbage disposal repair folks; they’ll be sending someone soon. Which is good, because I could really stand to leave my apartment (though in the meantime I’m doing laundry and also grading CSM homeworks). Because of this appointment, I wasn’t able to go to the gym; since I’m taking this week off from running, I wasn’t able to run; and since it was raining, I couldn’t go biking. So yeah, locked in the apartment until they get here and do the repair.

9:22am: Study says that couples who play video games together report higher levels of satisfaction in general than those where one person plays and the other doesn’t. The article does a fantastic job of highlighting the fact that gaming is just like any other leisure activity in this regard: if you do things together–shopping, gaming, volunteering, etc–you’ll be happier.

9:31am: Also just got a new article about Apple’s newest OS X release: Mountain Lion, due out this summer. The details are limited, but it looks like more focus on bringing iOS stuff to OS X, in which case: I am utterly unimpressed. If I wanted another iOS device, I’d go buy a second iPhone. Ugh.

10:56am: Woot! Dude fixed the garbage disposal, so I’m only out $130 ūüėõ Furthermore, I managed to make some progress in grading the CSM homeworks. It’s very slow going, as there are a handful of very common mistakes where the initial values are wrong but the calculations themselves are correct, which means there isn’t a fundamental misunderstanding of the material. But it requires a lengthy trace-through of the methods in order to confirm this.

12:01pm: Lunch of spicy black bean pasta, left over from our Valentine’s Day dinner. Yummmmmm!

12:40pm: Hopped on my bike, Sybil, over to the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center for CSM lecture. Need to make a stop at BST3 after, and I’d really like to get a much longer bike ride in before the sun sets, so the quickest way to get around would, through no coincidence, require a bike.

12:55pm: Arrived at the PSC, started immediately on finishing up grading assignments during lecture.

1:52pm: The following image of a slide¬†may be the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. With, perhaps, the lone exception being the latest episode of “How it should have ended”, featuring the newest¬†Sherlock Holmes movie.

2:46pm: Arrived at BST3. It’s started misting outside…of course, since I want to get the aforementioned bike ride in at some point. Better now than later, I suppose. Now for a quick catch-up with my advisor, then depart once more to go home, get changed, and get back out for a ~20mi bike ride.

3:16pm:¬†Finished meeting with my advisor. He’s so invigorating and focusing to spin ideas and make plans with. Frankly, he keeps me optimistic about the mounds of work I need to get done, as well as focused on my immediate plans of action to keep from getting overwhelmed. Current plan: finish assigning the homework grades (finish by 4pm, hopefully), then shift over to and spend the weekend hammering out a prototype Drupal website for our collaborators to start adding data. Ideally, that will be done by weekend’s conclusion, at which point collaborators will add data while we implement our analysis pipeline. DONE AND DONE, BEHOTCHES.

3:58pm:¬†Ugh, this is going to take longer than expected: I’ve gone through all the homeworks, but these consistent mistakes will require some Q&A with the course professor to clear up. Sending an email to him now, then heading out.

4:46-5:55pm: Got a 14mi bike ride in; would have preferred it be longer, but it got dark very quickly. I did not want to stay out too much longer. I did have one brief moment where I turned a corner right as the surface I was biking on changed from pavement to metal, and only an exceptionally well-timed (aka exceedingly lucky) stomp with my foot against the ground kept me moving forward as opposed to sprawled out on the ground. Enough excitement for one day.

7:24pm: Put a bunch of laundry away, put dishes away, took a shower, got dinner ready. Fired up Hunt for the Red October on Netflix while finishing assigning grades.

9:06pm:¬†“I miss the peace of fishing, like when I was a boy. 40 years I’ve been at sea; a war at sea. A war with no battles, no monuments, only casualties.” -Sean Connery

11:10pm: Finally done grading. Going to bed. What a freaking week this has been. One more day to go: it’ll be especially interesting since tonight officially started this year’s first recruitment weekend for our program. So we have potential students in town to entertain. Best foot forward! G’night.


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