“The Daily” Final Thoughts

I wanted to put down a few final musings to wrap up the previous 7-day sweep of daily events to put it all into a nice, neat context. As for exactly what context that is, I leave that as an exercise to you, dear reader.

Daily is brutal

This has somewhat of a double meaning. First: yeah, it’s pretty tough to update a blog every day about the events of every day. I find it much easier–and frankly, much more fulfilling–to write entries spaced apart a lil’ bit, and entries which are more about specific topics that indirectly relate to the events of those few days. Ideas over events over people (or so Ann Landers says)!

Second: as you very well may have gathered, part of the reason daily updates are tough for me is because my daily schedule is rather chaotic. No, not every week is like the one you just got a glimpse of; yes, my schedule is usually just as packed, only with “different” things. To wit: this week saw me give a presentation to my research group, attend Ash Wednesday mass, and spend an inordinate amount of time trying to bend Drupal to my will (can it do HTML5 canvas? anyone?). Every week is just as busy, but for ever-changing reasons.

Daily is boring

As I alluded to in the previous section, daily events–as chaotic as they may be–are boring. There’s really no way to dress them up to be interesting; at the end of the day (heh), everyone’s got their own schedule, and for 99% of us (occupy them!), that schedule is soporific at best for anyone not us. What’s much more interesting: little things that come up here and there, or thoughts that are mulling around, or little journeys we take within our daily lives that reveal something about ourselves, the human condition, or just something we find fascinating.

I’d much rather post about my ongoing effort to draw pretty shapes on HTML5 canvas elements playing a continuous video loop within the context of Drupal–and all the methods I’ve tried so far–than to devote just as many words to what I accomplished in that regard on one day as all the meetings I attended on that same day. In my mind, and likely in everyone else’s, those two distinct events shouldn’t receive equal reporting time. The interesting stuff is always underweighted and the boring stuff is always overweighted by simple virtue of the medium.

Daily is b-diagnostic

I will say this: daily updates are very useful for providing yourself with a third-person perspective of your life (hence why it’s easy to see that one’s life is boring). It’s much easier to see where you waste your time, where you’re having difficulties, where the bumps in your schedule are, and where things are actually working out quite well. It’s a solid diagnostic tool, but like any diagnostic tool it needs to be shut off in production. Not a good idea to allow the world to see your root web directory, am I right?

Graduate life is pretty effing fast-paced, and most of the time I don’t feel like I have a chance to breathe. In some sense, posting daily made it worse; in another sense, it gave me a chance to stop and do some meta-thinking. You don’t need to stop every two seconds and evaluate every decision you just made–I believe the technical term is “overanalyzing”–but it’s good to take stock of your surroundings from time to time and make sure you’re not too far from where you’d like to be.

asdf jkl;

It was useful for me; I hope it was at least mildly entertaining for you. As today, Ash Wednesday, is the official start of Lent, I hope to remain ever your occasional random dude on the intertubes who occasionally updates about things of no cosmic importance whatsoever but which aforementioned dude finds interesting for whatever reason.

Yeah. That.


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2 Responses to “The Daily” Final Thoughts

  1. eksith says:

    Certainly both entertaining and interesting.

    I keep around tablet of sorts where I write down anything that caught my interest, appointments, names, places, things etc… I also have stuff from work on there so it’s easy to go back and see where things need to get fixed, what needs to be left out, added and so on… when I read it back on my way home on the train, more often than not, there’s a blog post in there somewhere.

    It’s also dead-battery-proof 😉
    The blurred bit is someone’s contact info.

    This is from a couple of months back, but on there (not that any human being can read it :P) there are snippets from a show I saw on the History Channel about paranormal stuff. I don’t really believe these things, but found it facinating enough to jot down some details that I can Google later. There’s also the name of a James Cagney comedy called “One, Two, Three” that I watched and didn’t want to forget the name when I saw the commercial for it

    Everything gets recorded as it happens.

    In fact, this is the reason mine are posted usually just a few minutes to half hour before bed. But my posts are actually written all throughout the day.

    • magsol says:

      Jotting down little scribbles throughout the day is definitely the way to go. I don’t do it nearly as much as I should; more often than not, the little scribbles are reminders of things I need to do that I suddenly remember out of nowhere. I wish more of it was the free-form type.

      The daily entries, on the other hand, were quite literally written throughout the day: every few hours I’d pad more onto the entry and save the draft. That, in contrast to the informal note-scribbling, is–frankly–far more exhausting. I like the little nuggets of ideas that come to you out of the blue during the day’s events, as opposed to trying to chronicle everything that happens. I almost feel like you’re losing some valuable information, some tiny and otherwise seemingly-insignificant gem that gets lost in the daily hubbub.

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