“Wait, what’s meloui?”

Pretty good-lookin' family thar!

While I would love to provide a in-depth, no-holds-barred account of everything that happened between when I departed for Morocco on the morning of the 9th and returned to the US late in the evening of the 17th, I am currently buried both in catch-up work and in my own used tissues (I seem to have brought back a nasty bout of the Moroccan Plague).

Plus, my sister–whom we were visiting during that period–has already provided a wonderful account of that visit. In the meantime, while I get my feet under me both in terms of my daily schedule and my fragile health (traveling wreaks such havoc on one’s immune system, ugh), please entertain yourselves with the above entry, the Picasa album I posted with all the pictures I took, and the following Fun Nature Fact.


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Oh hai!
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6 Responses to “Wait, what’s meloui?”

  1. Buahahahahahaha, tissues…was it that hard to be away from Cathryn?  Just couldn’t wait? 😛

  2. eksith says:

    Welcome Back!

    Hot tea (no milk) with some lemon juice and a dash of honey will help.

    I had the worst cold ever when I went back to Sri Lanka too. It’s all the glorious microscopic critters for which I have no immunity anymore. There’s nothing much else you can do, except sleep… a lot! Rest is still the best medicine for travel fatigue and plague.

    • magsol says:

      Thank you!

      I noticed the sore throat a few days into the trip. I attributed it to the dust–of which there was quite a bit–and it didn’t get any worse over the remainder of the trip, but it didn’t get any better, either. Once I began the trip home, though, it blew up into the worst cold I’ve had in years, so evidently it was just biding its time until active travel once again suppressed my immune system.

      I dosed myself up on Nyquil every night since I got home (thanks to Cathryn for graciously donating her Nyquil supplies to the cause) and that’s really helped get me back on the right sleep schedule AND has definitely put me on the path to recovery. But graduate school demands have already cost me at least a couple hours of sleep I probably could have used: this morning at my eye exam, they took my blood pressure (random, methought) and it was higher than I was expecting (given all my running). So I guess I still need more sleep…and need to wean myself off the Nyquil 😛

      • eksith says:


        Cold medication tends to stop working well after about a week since your body develops a tolerance so try not to use it longer than that.

        Running will have to wait at least a couple of months until you get enough rest. 😉

        They took my cousin’s blood pressure too when he was getting an eye exam. Apparently the blood vessels in the eye can show signs of high blood pressure so they measure that separately just to confirm.

        Those are mighty interesting shots of Moroccan ambiance. Love the pic of your parents in the tiny doorway! 😛

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