I need a running blog

Mainly because there’s so much going on with running and with researching, it’s getting difficult to pick what to bloogggggg about. Though I suppose that’s better than the alternative of starting every post with “so I’ve been bad about blogging the past couple years…”

Those railroad tracks can suck it.

Along those lines, check this junk out. Yeah. It was as completely terrible as it looks. I’m taking this week entirely off from running, as I aggravated a nagging injury when I tripped over an errant spike while crossing the railroad tracks around mile 9. The Air Force half marathon is in 11 days, and I want to have the best chance possible of nailing a sub-1:40 half.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting about the weekend’s Run for your Lives 5k, so stay tuned for that as well. And research is going well, if slowly (as always). I’ve finally figured out the mysteries of the sparse and dense SciPy eigensolvers and how to make them work for my domain, so hopefully I’ll polish that up this week, perhaps submit it to the scikit-learn folks, and then work on pushing a damn paper out!

And then there’s Hadoop…oh man.


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