Holy crap, Ragnar

I have never experienced anything like that before. Wow.


This past weekend was indescribable. I’m still processing it all. What Ragnar has established and runs with every month of every year is nothing short of remarkable. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of some individuals to find the most absurdly taxing, ego-crushing, and ultimately rewarding team athletic activity possible.

There are countless pictures, stories, quotes, and events to relate from the last 72 hours that I can’t possibly hope to fit even a significant portion of them in a single post. As such, the next several posts will be increments of the journey. This will serve as the introduction, and will be followed by no fewer than four posts on Ragnar DC 2012, Four Score and Seven Miles Ago edition:

  1. The Arrivals, the Night Before, and the First Major Exchange
  2. Sweet Relaxation, Reminiscence of High School, and Exchange 18
  3. Sleeping Beneath the Stars, Running on Fumes, and Geico HQ
  4. Fighting Dehydration, Finishing Strong, and the Epilogue

I’d love to post these by the end of the week, but realistically I probably won’t get through more than one or two of them. My parents are coming in town this weekend, and The Lady and I have our final race of the September of Racing Madness. Plus re-entry is a biatch.

But I’ll give you the punchline: if you ever have the slightest interest in doing something like this and have the slightest opportunity to do so, take it.

We ran that entire route from start to finish.


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