Travel during the holidays

Shockingly–given the weather–holiday travel thus far has been smooth.

That includes when The Lady and I drove up to Michigan on the 20th and left on the 25th:

All that snow fell in one night.

It also includes when we returned and the snow followed us to Pittsburgh:

Literally the next day. WTF.

Hopefully it will remain calm enough over the next 12 hours for The Lady to arrive in Athens, where I have been since yesterday.

A couple things! I wrote a guest post on Megan’s blog that you can read here, having to do with lessons I learned from running the Philly Marathon. I hope it’s at least a tiny bit more interesting than the ramblings I post here.

Second: eksith posted a quote from a phenomenal email on the Linux kernel list, from none other than Linus Torvalds himself. Cross-posted here for awesomeness (warning, language):

On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 6:08 AM, Mauro Carvalho Chehab
<> wrote:
> Are you saying that pulseaudio is entering on some weird loop if the
> returned value is not -EINVAL? That seems a bug at pulseaudio.


It's a bug alright - in the kernel. How long have you been a
maintainer? And you *still* haven't learnt the first rule of kernel

If a change results in user programs breaking, it's a bug in the
kernel. We never EVER blame the user programs. How hard can this be to

To make matters worse, commit f0ed2ce840b3 is clearly total and utter
CRAP even if it didn't break applications. ENOENT is not a valid error
return from an ioctl. Never has been, never will be. ENOENT means "No
such file and directory", and is for path operations. ioctl's are done
on files that have already been opened, there's no way in hell that
ENOENT would ever be valid.

> So, on a first glance, this doesn't sound like a regression,
> but, instead, it looks tha pulseaudio/tumbleweed has some serious
> bugs and/or regressions.

Shut up, Mauro. And I don't _ever_ want to hear that kind of obvious
garbage and idiocy from a kernel maintainer again. Seriously.

I'd wait for Rafael's patch to go through you, but I have another
error report in my mailbox of all KDE media applications being broken
by v3.8-rc1, and I bet it's the same kernel bug. And you've shown
yourself to not be competent in this issue, so I'll apply it directly
and immediately myself.


Seriously. How hard is this rule to understand? We particularly don't
break user space with TOTAL CRAP. I'm angry, because your whole email
was so _horribly_ wrong, and the patch that broke things was so
obviously crap. The whole patch is incredibly broken shit. It adds an
insane error code (ENOENT), and then because it's so insane, it adds a
few places to fix it up ("ret == -ENOENT ? -EINVAL : ret").

The fact that you then try to make *excuses* for breaking user space,
and blaming some external program that *used* to work, is just
shameful. It's not how we work.

Fix your f*cking "compliance tool", because it is obviously broken.
And fix your approach to kernel programming.


And finally, what would a good holiday post be without a good holiday family photo?

Quoth Sarah: "Photographic evidence against evolution."

Quoth Sarah: “Photographic evidence against evolution.”

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2 Responses to Travel during the holidays

  1. eksith says:

    The Quinn Rockettes!
    Now featured at Radio City Music Hall 😀

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